PhD Thesis proposal form
Doctoral School
Waves & Matter Doctoral School (EDOM)
Thesis subject title:
Photon Nano Sources
 Laboratory name and web site: Institut des Sciences Moléculaire d’Orsay (ISMO)
Molecular Nanoscience Group
 PhD supervisor (contact person):
 Name:
Elizabeth Boer-Duchemin
 Position:
Associate Professor
 email:
 Phone number: +33 1 69 15 73 52
 Thesis proposal (max 1500 words):
The development of nano-photonics requires the fabrication of new photon sources of nano-metric
dimensions for probing optical properties or photon transfer of nano-objects at the nanoscale.
This project aims to create real nano-sized photon sources (3-20 nm) by generating a localized photon
emission using an electric current with the tip of a Scanning Tunnelling Microscope (STM) or a conducting
Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). The photon nano-source will be coupled to an inverted optical microscope
which will enable the photon emission to be mapped in real and reciprocal space.
During the PhD thesis, the student will undertake experiments to develop a photon nano-source
composed of a coupled metal plasmonic nanostructure and a CdSe nano-crystal. Subsequently, operational
photon nano-sources will be used to explore, (i) how the properties of the quantum emitter (CdSe nanocrystal) can be modified by coupling to different metal nanostructures, and (ii) the energy transfer between
 Publications of the laboratory in the field (max 5):
1. “Manipulation of cadmium selenide nanorods with an atomic force microscope”
E. Tranvouez, A. Orieux, E. Boer-Duchemin, C.H. Devillers, V. Huc, G. Comtet, G. Dujardin
Nanotechnology 20, 165304 (2009)
2. “The interaction of an atomic force microscope tip with a nano-object: a model for determining the lateral force”
E Boer-Duchemin, E Tranvouez and G Dujardin
Nanotechnology 21, 455704 (2010)
3. “Excitation of propagating surface plasmons with a scanning tunneling microscope”
T. Wang, E. Boer-Duchemin, Y. Zhang, G. Comtet, G. Dujardin
Nanotechnology 22, 175201 (2011)
 Specific requirements to apply, if any:
Applicants are expected to have a Degree in Physics, or Materials Science.