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Welcome To the School of Original Thought
The policies and information contained in this student packet are an effort on behalf of the
administration and the faculty to provide students with the guidelines relating to school life. This
information has been carefully prepared and presented to clarify rules as they apply to our
students. This handbook will be of great value in helping students adjust to our school and
become an intricate part of it.
The ultimate purpose of education is to help the students become an effective citizen and leader in
all fields of human endeavor. The development and acceptance of the responsibilities and
obligation of good citizenship will enable students to participate successfully in the world of
tomorrow. We hope that all students will participate in our varied activities and thus find within
our school the experience that will prepare them to live a better life and become effective leaders
in society. Remember, success in school is directly proportional to effort.
School Spirit - All students should learn:
-School Song
- National Pledge
- Black National Anthem
-Quranic/Bible Recitation
-Supreme Wisdom – Lessons
Report Cards - The student progress is evaluated every twelve weeks. Report cards are given
out four times a year. Parents and/or teachers can request parent-teacher conferences to discuss
the details concerning the child's progress.
Interim Reports will be given out every six weeks.
Grading Scale - The grading scale provides a pattern by which grades will be administered for
individual achievement
A+ = 100 – 96
A = 95 – 93
B+ = 92 – 89
B = 88 – 85
C+ =
C =
D =
F =
84 -82
81 - 77
76 -70
69 and below
Book Purchases –Books must be purchased 3 weeks prior to the beginning of each school year. This
allows enough time for the books to arrive before classes. Children will not be admitted to class without
books being ordered.
Tuition Fees: Tuition fees are due by the 5th of every month at 5276 Park Heights Avenue, 21215 or 3109
Erdman Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21213
Methods of Payment
We will accept cash, check, or money order. Checks should be made out to: School Of Original
Parties sharing in the payment of tuition must arrange how the payment will be paid in full.
Partial payment from on party, while the other party pays at different time will not be accepted.
Full payment from all parties must be paid in full by the 5th of the month
Delinquent Payment: Payment is delinquent if not received by the 5th of the month. A late fee of
$50.00 will be added to tuition payment after the 5th of the month. If your payment is delinquent past
the 10th of the month, your child will not be permitted into class. Please do not bring your child to
school until the past due monthly tuition is paid.
Return Check Policy: A fee of $35.00 will be added to returned checks. If checks are re turned, cash or
money order will be the only acceptable method of payment.
Refund Policy: Tuition and fees are pre-set and non-refundable. There will be no credit for
vacation, school closings, sickness, absenteeism or withdrawal.
School Lateness Policy - Our school day begins promptly at 8:00 am every morning. Students should be
arriving between 8:00am and 8:15am. Students are considered late after 8:15am. Due to an abnormal amount
of tardiness, we must adopt the following policy.
All students should arrive no later than 8:15am. If a student is gong to be late, the school should be
notified by a phone call. A student is only allowed two lateness per quarter. If a student is late a third
time he or she will not be allowed to enter the school for that day.
Nursery Lateness Policy - Our school day begins promptly at 9:00 am every morning. Students should be
arriving between 7:30am and 9:00am. Students are considered late after 9:00am. Due to an abnormal amount
of tardiness, we must adopt the following policy.
All students should arrive no later than 9:00am. If a student is going to be late, the school should be
notified by a phone call. A student is only allowed two lateness per quarter. If a student is late a third
time he or she will not be allowed to enter the school for that day
After School Lateness Policy: Students picked-up after 3:15pm and are not enrolled in the after school program will be fined $1.00 a minute. Late pick-up fees are payab1e when the student is
picked-up. Student should not return unless fees are paid in full.
Students that are enrolled in the after school program and are picked up after 6:00pm will be
fined $1.00 a minute. Student should not return unless fees are paid.
Fundraising Commitment - Fundraising is mandatory. A minimum of $50.00 per family per
fundraising campaign and a 5-ticket minimum per family for fundraising events are required.
Fundraising commitment of $50.00 is due at the end of each campaign.
School Identification Card Policy- Student identification cards are provided as an official means
of providing immediate access to SOT staff in case of accident or other types of emergency
involving SOT students, to validate student enrollment, and as a means of increasing student pride
and sense of identify with the School Of Original Thought. ID Cards will be subject to the
following policies.
Initial ID cards will be provided to SOT students at no cost. In the event your ID card is
lost, SOT staff must be notified immediately. A replacement card will be issued at a cost of
$5.00 per card.
Tutoring Services - At times, children unable to grasp the information being present in class and
may need additional support. Teachers and administrators will assess the child’s situation and
may recommend tutoring services. If the recommendation for tutoring services is presented as an
alternative, the parent/guardian must follow up with the recommendation in order for the child to
be successful at the School of Original Thought.
School Of Original Thought offers tutoring service at a nominal fee. Parents are not required to
use our services. Parents are free to choose any tutoring alternatives for their child. The objective
is to assure the child’s success.
Student Withdrawal or Transfers –If a child is withdrawn after the fifth of the month, the
payment for the entire month is expected before records will be transferred.
Policy on Pupil Records for Student Transfer or Withdrawal
Any parent wishing to withdraw a child from the school before the end of the school year should
bring a written statement of such intention to the school's office. No records will be released until
parents sign a permission slip and all bills, fees, etc. are paid in full by cash or money order.
Parents will not be allowed to hand carrier reports or records. The S.O.T. must mail or fax all
information to the transfer school within a week from the date of the withdrawal.
Year Round Commitment - School of Original Thought is a year round school from September
to August. In the event your child leaves the school during the year, they would not have
completed the requirements for promotion to the next grade. Therefore it would be considered a
withdrawal and records would transfer as such.
Cell Phone Policy
Students must turn in all cell phones to the office at the start of the day. They will be returned to
the student at the end of day.
Communication Policy - From now until the time your child leaves school, progress
report cards, teacher conferences, interim reports, and written communication forms, will
be sent to keep you informed about how your child is performing.
Please make sure the administration office has your email address. If you have any
questions or concerns feel free to call the office or come in person. The school number is
(410) 732-0846. The administration office number is (410) 367-8746. The school email
address is or
We encourage parents to make suggestions or voice concerns no matter how big or small.
If you want to remain anonymous, write us at School Of Original Thought, P.O. Box
33448, Baltimore, Maryland, 21218. Communication is the key to our success.
Homework Policy- If homework is not completed, parents will be notified with a
deficiency slip sent home with the child. Deficiency slips must be signed by the parent
and returned with completed home assignment. Repeated infractions could result in
disciplinary action, parent/teacher conference, suspension, or expulsion.
Homework Help Line - The homework assignments for 3rd - 12th grades will be
recorded daily on the homework hotline voice mail. Homework hot-line number is (410)
732-0842. If recordings are not available, this does not excuse the child from having
their homework.
Closed Campus - Students are not permitted to leave school grounds during school
hours, including their lunch period.
Inclement Weather - Should school be closed due to inclement weather, the following
procedures will be in effect: Students and parents should listen to WBAL radio station or
watch Channel 2 News in the morning between 5:30am - 7:00am. School of Original
Thought will follow Baltimore City School closings. Parents should also call the
school to receive a recorded message for further instruction.
Health and Safety - School of Original Thought is making a special effort to help
students establish good health habits and remain healthy. The success of our efforts,
however, depends on parental follow-through at home. Students should not come to
school when they are ill or when they have an elevated temperature or a suspected
contagious condition. This is for their protection as well as for others in the classroom.
Students will be sent home if they have elevated temperatures, are vomiting, have
diarrhea, have an undiagnosed skin rash, or have red, inflamed eyes. Children must bring
a doctor's note if the child is suspected of having a contagious condition.
Prescription Medication - The school does not have a nurse on staff at this time.
Teachers and administrators cannot be responsible for administering prescribed
Non- Prescription Medication Students who need to take non- prescription medication
are fully responsible for administering medication. Teachers and administrators cannot be
responsible for administering non-prescribed medication.
Student Code of Conduct: The code of conduct is the vehicle by which the school
carries on its day-to-day operations. The code of student conduct reflects academic
standards and the right to receive an education in a non-threatening environment.
Attendance Truancy: Being absent from class or classes without permission constitutes
an unexcused absence and an act of truancy. Parents must call the school by 8:30 am if a
child is going to be absent. If a child is absent more than 7 days per quarter then a review
meeting will be held to discuss absenteeism.
Brother’s Dress Code Policy
Nursery – 8th Grade
9th - 12th Grade
School Uniform Shirts
Navy Blue School Uniform Pants
Black Shoes, Black Belt, Dark Socks,
School Uniform Shirts
Black School Uniform Pants
Black Shoes, Black Belt,
Dark Socks
Hair must be low cut, clean and neat at all times. (Barber “2” guard or lower)
No earrings
Girls Dress Code Policy
Nursery – 8th Grade
9th – 12th Grade
School Uniform Shirts
Navy Blue School Uniform
Pants or Skirt (Skirts Must Be Calf - Length
School Uniform Shirts
Black School Uniform Pants or Skirt
(Skirts Must Be Calf - Length or Longer)
Black Shoes, Dark Socks, “T” Scarf
or Longer),
Black Shoes, Dark Socks, “T” Scarf
 Students attendance should be regular and on time.
 Students must strive to be serious students and master what is taught by studying
when it is time and always be prepared.
 Students must always dress by the Dress Code
 Students must strive to be active participants in the learning process
 Students must complete all work [projects, homework, class work, assignments]
 All students, parents, teachers and administrators will abide by the Code of Ethics
established by the administration.
The goal of parental involvement is to create a more holistic learning approach for each
child through better communication among teacher, parents and administrators. The
desired outcome is that parents become better “at-home teachers” and the teachers
become better instructors and develop a strong-partnership with the parents.
Parent responsibilities are:
Parents must have their child [ren] present and on time daily.
Parents must assure that their children are prepared for class daily [clean, neat, fed, and
have proper materials, etc]
Parents must get any homework assignments for the children if the child misses any
Parents must assure that homework is complete and that it is accurate,
Parents must assist child in research assignments
Parents must contact the school or the child’s teacher before class if the child is unable to
attend school.
Parents should try to work as teach assistants or volunteers in the class whenever possible.
Parents must attend all school activities [plays, assemblies, etc].
Parents should participate in the decision-making process by attending Parents/Teachers
Association meetings.
Parents must pick up children or make appropriate arrangements for transportation before
and after school each day.
Parents must pay all fees according to the scheduled times of payments
School of Original Thought offers a college preparatory program in grades Pre-Kindergarten
through Grade 12, however, the school’s goal is not just college admittance. School Of Original
Thought requires each student to reach beyond their comfort zone and discover new limits to their
own personal potential. Small class sizes, individualized attention, discipline, and love are the key
components to the success of the School of Original Thought. In a supportive atmosphere, our
students feel secure to take challenges and increase their personal potential in an enriched and
challenging academic environment
9th _ 12th
Social Studies
Islamic Studies
4 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
1 Credit
1 Credit
2 Credits
1 Credit
2 Credit
1.5 Credits
School of Original Thought high school
curriculum can be completed in three
years due to year-round programming