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The Company
The INOX Schleiftechnik GmbH & Co. KG stands for high-quality surface
processing, custom-made to the customer’s individual requirements.
The company can look back on many years of experience in the field of high-quality
surface finishing. INOX Schleiftechnik GmbH & Co. KG specializes in metal surface
finishing processes and is distinguished by its application of highly-innovative
grinding techniques. The machinery is tuned to the individual needs of the customer.
Various processes such as grinding, brushing, polishing and surface foiling form just
a part of the large range on offer and can be individually combined with each other.
INOX Schleiftechnik operates as contract manufacturer or as supplier of complete
components to various industries. In every branch of industry handling aluminum,
stainless steel and metal surfaces, INOX is the foremost contact. The following
industries are already in INOX Schleiftechnik GmbH Co. KG’s customer portfolio:
Automotive Industry
Manufacture of interior surfaces in aluminum such as trims, door handles or center
Sports equipment industry
Co-operation with skiing gear manufacturers; processing of stainless steel ground
Aircraft construction
Processing of aircraft component surfaces
Furniture industry
Processing of single components in steel, stainless steel or aluminum for the furniture
Elevator technology
Surface processing of elevator interior fittings / switchboxes etc.
Stainless steel dealers
A large variety of surface processing of sheet stainless steel for further processing.
Aluminum dealers
Processing Aluminum sheets/sections or cuts for further finishing work.
Store construction
INOX supplies complete components in stainless steel or aluminum for the store
construction sector
Façade construction
In façade construction, INOX grinds sheets and window sections for individual
building projects.
Aluminum rolling mills
INOX grinds aluminum plates in dimensions up to 2000 x 5400mm and a weight per
piece up to 4 t. The aluminum plates are used in the aircraft industry and for the
construction of rocket tanks.
Construction of stairs
INOX grinds the complete framework and steps for the stairs for individual
customized solutions. Both banister filling and perforated sheets and other fillings
are possible and lend the products that certain "something" with their INOX
customized ground finishes.
Multi-layer manufacturers
Metal foils which have a very refined surface are required for the manufacture of
multi-layers. INOX grinds and polishes worn foils so they can be re-used in the
manufacturing process.
In the following projects feature the ground creations of Inox Schleiftechnik:
Olympic Stadium Berlin
New Wembley Stadium in London
New Main Station Berlin
Düsseldorf Airport
Villa Mum
Upper Eastside Berlin
Club Ship Aida
Elisenhof in Munich
Thyssen Head Quarter in Essen
Mercedes-Benz exhibition stands - Paris, Istanbul, Genf,
Frankfurt, Detroit
Exhibitions stands – Rolex
Facade Dreispitz in Basel
Facade Gehry Tower
INOX Schleiftechnik
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