Property Management
Resident Liaison Officer
Main Purpose
Post Title:
Reports To:
Line Management:
Resident Liaison Officer
Property Management
Head of Asset Management
The post holder will be expected to provide a Resident Liaison service for the
Association and to lead on resident consultation for the Asset Management
team’s planned and cyclical maintenance programmes of work. In particular,
the Resident Liaison Officer will:
 Lead on the administration required to manage the planned and cyclical
maintenance works to the Association’s properties.
 Attend meetings relating to the planned and cyclical maintenance
 Update the asset management stock condition software; Integrator.
 Liaise with stakeholders on the works for kitchen and bathroom
refurbishments and the cyclical maintenance programmes on a daily
 Provide administration support to the Asset Management team.
Key Accountabilities
Service Delivery
 Assist the Building Surveyors in the administration of the planned and
cyclical maintenance works.
 Attend performance monitoring meetings, as required, and ensure that
the planned and cyclical maintenance monitoring spreadsheets are
updated promptly.
 Update the Building Surveyors /Head of Asset Management on
customer satisfaction with the contractor’s performance on planned
and cyclical maintenance contracts.
 Collate KPI information for contract progress meetings.
 Liaise with the Development Department to ensure that the stock
condition information is provided at handover for newly completed
properties and uploaded onto Integrator.
 Liaise with the Systems Administrator to ensure that defect flags are
uploaded and updated on the maintenance database; Accuserv.
 Monitor and maintain procedures for the calculation and payment of
compensation to tenants in accordance with the Association’s agreed
 Liaise with the Customer Service team to ensure that the disposal
programme is resourced with adequate properties to minimise delays in
the programme, through a robust decant process.
 Provide effective quality data, with recommendations, o drive service
 Represent SBHG in contact with Public and Statutory authorities and
other relevant statutory, voluntary or charitable stakeholders, as
 Liaise with residents and the Customer Services team during the
decanting process.
 Arrange and service monthly contractor progress meetings, planned
and cyclical maintenance resident’s meetings and planned and cyclical
maintenance partnering meetings.
 Maintain the planned and cyclical maintenance monitoring module on
 Produce performance indicators and statistics demonstrating planned
and cyclical maintenance performance
 Ensure that effective monitoring systems are in place that maximise IT
and monitor performance.
 Ensure efficient, effective and robust systems are in place to
continuously monitor and demonstrate partner performance.
Customer Involvement
 Ensure that residents are provided with Resident Information Packs for
planned and cyclical maintenance works.
 Liaise with residents who are due to receive planned or responsive
maintenance works.
 Carry out resident satisfaction surveys, using SNAP software, on the
contractor’s planned and cyclical maintenance performance.
 Liaise effectively with the Building Surveyors on a daily basis.
 Liaise with Customer Service Offices and the Asset Management team
on the decant, planned and cyclical maintenance programmes.
 To liaise with staff, contractors, residents and consultants, as
appropriate, to ensure that the decant programme is delivered
 To use I.T. resources and programmes on a regular basis in fulfilling
the duties of the post.
 In line with general practice, the post holder is expected to be generally
self-servicing and to do their own word processing, filing and
photocopying etc.
 To be responsible, with all team staff, for the updating and maintenance
of IT systems, file and record keeping.
 To undertake any other relevant duties commensurate with the post
Corporate Policies
 To contribute to and adhere to the Group’s financial regulations,
standing orders, policies and procedures, particularly Health & Safety,
Confidentiality, Equal Opportunities, Data Protection, Customer Care
and Code of Conduct.
 All employees must demonstrate high standards of personal conduct at
work and must carry out their duties and responsibilities in accordance
with all SBHG policies and procedures. In particular, employees are
expected to manage risk and to fully comply with regulation and
legislation. SBHG takes business ethics and staff codes of conduct
extremely seriously. All employees must read and familiarise
themselves with the Staff Handbook, where further specific guidance is
Key Experience & Qualifications Required
(This will be assessed at short listing stage)
Work Related Experience:
 Experience of working with customers in connection with a programme of
 Experience within a maintenance or property management setting.
Skills and Abilities:
 Ability to communicate effectively in all mediums with residents and
 Computer literacy in word processing, spreadsheets, & data base operations.
 Aptitude for general administration duties.
 Capable of working under pressure, with excellent time management skills.
 Ability to organise and prioritise own workload with minimal supervision.
 Strong team skills.
 Excellent written communication skills for effective correspondence, report
writing and statistical work.
 Understanding of construction, technical issues & terminology.
 Flexible working hours to meet deadlines where appropriate
(Which will only be assessed should you be successful in securing an
Communicating and Influencing
Working with Others
Customer Focus
Planning and Organising
Knowledge and Expertise
Problem Solving & Decision Making
Delivering Results
Commitment & Drive
Embracing Change
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