reading list

Week 9 – Exile
How was exile justified and explained?
How easily were exiles to be distinguished from other travellers?
What were the main challenges of life in exile?
What impact did exiles have on the politics and religion of the British Isles?
Primary sources
Sir Thomas Palmer, extract from An essay of the meanes how to make our trauailes, into
forraine countries, the more profitable and honourable (1606)
Lewis Lewkenor, A discourse of the usage of the English fugitives, by the Spaniard (1595)
Richard Verstegan, images from Descriptiones quaedam illus inhumanae et multiplicis
persecutionis (1582-4), in A. Dillon, The Construction of Martyrdom (2002).
Anonymous recusant poetry - extracts from ‘Hierusalem’; ‘The blessed conscience’ .
Sir John Reresby, extracts from ‘Memoirs’ and ‘Travels’.
Richard Flecknoe, extract from Relation of Ten Years' Travels in Europe, Asia, Affrique, and
America (1655)
Travel licences of Richard, Lord Lumley and Ralph Sheldon, from Edward Chaney, The
Grand Tour and the Great Rebellion.
Secondary sources
Anne Dillon, The Construction of Martyrdom in the English Catholic community 1535-1603
(2002), chs. 3-5 for Verstegan. [chapter 3 scanned].
Alison Shell, Catholicism, Controversy and the English Literary Imagination, 1558-1660
(Cambridge, 1999), two chapters on ‘Exile’. – available online.
M.C. Questier, ‘Loyalty, Religion and State Power in Early Modern England: English
Romanism and the Jacobean Oath of Allegiance’, Historical Journal 40 (1997).
Gabriel Glickman, ‘Christian reunion, the Anglo-French alliance and the English Catholic
imagination’, English Historical Review (2013).
Andrew Hadfield, Literature, travel and colonial writing (1998), ch. 1 (for Lewkenor) –
available as library e-resource.
Edward Chaney, The Grand Tour and the Great Rebellion: Richard Lassels and the ‘Voyage
of Italy’ (on royalist exiles), pp. 49-70, 131-9 [scanned]
Alison Games, The Web of Empire (2008) – ch. 1 (on Catholic travellers).
J. Spohnholz and G. K Waite, Exile and Religious Identity, 1500–1800 (2014), ch by Gibbons
Geoffrey Smith, The Cavaliers in Exile 1640-1660 (2003).
Mark Williams, ‘The Devotional landscape of the royalist exile, 1649-1660’, Journal of
British Studies (2014) - link on module website.
Diarmaid MacCulloch, Reformation: Europe’s House Divided (2004) – sections on
Catholicism in England.
J.M. Bossy, The English Catholic Community (1976).
J. Torpey, The Invention of the Passport: Surveillance, Citizenship and the State (2000),ch. 1.
B.J. Kaplan, Divided by Faith: Religious Conflict and the Practice of Toleration in Early
Modern Europe (Harvard, 2007), chs. 4, 6.
David Worthington, British and Irish Emigrants and Exiles in Europe, 1603-1688 (2010),
chs. by Talbott, Bowden – available as e-resource.
Ronald Hutton, Charles the Second (1989).
DNB entries for Lewkenor, Flecknoe, Reresby.