Directions & Evaluation

Egyptian Web quest
1. Title Page _________________________
• Include you book’s title, the authors, publisher’s name, and copyright date.
Print a picture to put on your book’s cover. Your book must be typed.
• Web site - None
2. Map/Geography _________________________
• Print out a map of Egypt. Locate and identify the following features: Nile River, Upper Egypt, Lower
Egypt, Memphis, Thebes, Nubia, Kush, Punt, Valley of the Kings, Mediterranean Sea, & Red Sea.
• Web site - World Atlas
3. Chronology of Pharaohs and Queens _________________________
• Make a timeline of pharaohs and queens, including: Menes, Khufu, Ahmose, Hatshepsut, Tutankhamen,
Ramesses II, Nefertiti, Cleopatra VII, Khabu, Titi. Don’t forget to include dates when they ruled and to
identify whether they are a Pharaoh or Queen.
• Web sites - Mark Millmore’s Kings and Queens, Egyptian Kings
4. Ancient Egyptian Daily Life _________________________
• Write one paragraph about each of the following aspects of Ancient Egyptian daily life: family life,
education, food, clothing, shelter, recreation, and religion. (7 total paragraphs)
• Web sites - Wikipedia (search for Ancient Egypt), Daily Life in Ancient Egypt, Pharaoh’s Life, Life in
Ancient Egypt
5. Mummies _________________________
• How were mummies made? List the steps involved in Mummification.
• Web sites - Mummies Unmasked, Encyclopedia Smithsonian
6. The Sphinx _________________________
• Write at least 2 paragraphs about the Sphinx. Make sure you include the following information: How big
is it? When was it built? What is it made of? What does the stele describe? What is being done to
preserve it?
• Web sites - Wikipedia (search for sphinx), Sphinx, The Great Sphinx
7. Rosetta Stone/Hieroglyphics _________________________
• Translate each of your group member’s first and last names into hieroglyphics. Print them out and
include them in your book.
• Web sites - Hieroglyphics, Write Like an Egyptian
8. Pyramids _________________________
• Draw a pyramid and label and describe the parts. Describe how a pyramid was built by answering these
questions: How big was a pyramid? How many blocks? How heavy are they? How were they built? What
does the pyramid say about society? (a diagram is fine for this information) Name some of the well-known
• Web sites - Nova: Pyramids, Social Pyramids
9. Build Your Own Pyramid _________________________
• Use the Nova Online/ Pyramids site. Follow the directions and print the pyramid outline. Assemble the
pyramid and include the printout for your book.
• Web site - Build a Pyramid(You may also build one of other material.)
10. Fun Stuff! _________________________
• Each of the authors should print out a coloring page about Egypt to color and include in the book.
• Web sites - Coloring Book-Rosetta Stone, Color Me Egypt
11. Did you know? _________________________
• Include at least two pieces of information about Egypt that you think the reader may not know about
Egypt. This section must be at least 2 paragraphs in length.
• Web site - Ancient Egypt for Kids, Ancient Civilizations for Kids
12. Egyptian Tourist Attraction _______________________
 Completed in class previously
13. After you have completed the 11 jobs, your group must then organize them into a book or
a PowerPoint Presentation. ___________________________
• The book/presentation must include a table of contents and at least 20 additional pictures/illustrations.
• Your book must also contain a bibliography. Use the link below to access the bibliography page.
• Web site – Bibliography
Egyptian Web quest Rubric
Points Breakdown
5 Points Title page
5 Points Table of Contents
5 Points Build Your Own Pyramid
5 Points Fun Stuff
5 Points 20 Illustrations
5 Points Egyptian Tourist Attraction
10 Points Bibliography
30 Points Individual part
30 Points Individual part
100 Points Total