Jolin`s devotion to Taiwanese entertainment

Jolin's devotion to Taiwanese entertainment
Lydia Wang
January 7 2015
Wang i
Jolin Tsai had made undoubtedly huge effects on Taiwanese entertainment circles.
I. Taiwanese's people are aware of Jolin's positive attitude shown in her albums.
A. Jolin held the concert "Dancing Forever" in 2007 and began her World
Tour with the spectacular programs such as dancing combined with pommel
horse movements.
B. Jolin then published the album Agent J in which she performed pole dance
and aerial silk dancing.
C. Jolin learned ballet for her album published in 2009; meanwhile, she got hurt
because of the non stop practice.
II. Jolin Tsai plays a model role in both fashion and music fields.
A. Jolin's delicate costumes and in Butterfly hit entertaining section in
Taiwanese newspaper at that time.
B. Jolin's interest in manicure provides a new type of beauty to chase.
III. Jolin Tsai's albums show her determination to achieve her goals.
A. Jolin was luckily well-known since her very first album, but she didn't get
rid of those negative judgments.
B. She had been called a star without dancing talent. However, she is famous as
"dancing queen" now! She once mentioned that she knew herself not good as
others, but she would never give up.
Wang 1
Jolin's devotion to Taiwanese entertainment
Who is praised as "Asian Madonna" in Taiwan? Speaking of an extraordinary
entertainer, Jolin Tsai comes to people's minds. In past two decades, Jolin Tsai
published thirteen albums in total. In many of them, Jolin's efforts are shown to her
fans and those who had criticized her works. Jolin's name and negative judgments are
well-known among the young generation and are always connected with the news
titles. Before called as "Asian Madonna" and adored by a lot of fans, Jolin was
sometimes reported with merciless comments. Few people are aware of Jolin's story
when she was new in the entertainment circles. Her performances were many times
dispraised; the other artists or journalists usually mentioned her dancing skill as an
awful or worthless one. However, this is totally unimaginable to her followers. To the
young adolescents, "Jolin" means "dancing queen" or "fashion"(Chang). This is
related to an essential factor why Jolin attracts so much applause today: her attitude
towards dancing (Li). Jolin doesn't ignore or forget the thorny judgments; instead, she
keeps striving in order to improve herself and achieve higher goals (Chen). Passing
through the predicament of her previous entertaining career, Jolin creates an image
which is worth learning and praising as a model to youngsters. Most important of all,
Jolin Tsai had made undoubtedly huge effects on Taiwanese entertainment circles.
As a contemporary super star, part of Jolin’s fame and reputation are resulted by
the mass media. Every time when Jolin Tsai published her new album, dozens of
newspapers wrote articles about her efforts this time. Besides, for comments on her on
mass media are mainly about how much time she spent and how much she sacrificed
for her work, most of Jolin's fan supports her resulting from her perseverance (Li).In
the famous Business Weekly interview, Jolin shared her faith in achieving “perfect”.
She mentioned that she prepared herself 130 % in case others deducted her score.
Wang 2
Jolin has gotten plenty of negative judgments for countless times, yet she provoked
her ability, her desire to win by herself (Li). For instance, Jolin held a World tour and
published a documentary DVD in 2007. As a beginning of Taiwanese new mode of
concert, she is the first one combine the personal musical concert with technical, even
dangerous type of dance. She performed it combined with pommel horse movements
that are usually used in sport competitions. The special concert style was beforehand
reported by the news and for sure the tickets were sold out as it was expected. Jolin’s
concert gave the audience not only a high expectation but a real excellent visual
enjoyment that amazed them to an extent.
Having the experience of learning new things combining her songs, Jolin again
published her album Agent J in September of 2007. She challenged pole dance and
aerial silk dancing this time. This new kind of show is not difficult and it doesn’t
require that much professional skills. However, the show once again grabs the folks’
attention. Not merely unique and beautiful the show is, but also female is a rare sex in
aerial silk dancing field. By observing this, we found that Jolin’s albums are always
on the best-seller list. As a result, many Taiwanese people listened to her songs
because the press approve of her hard-working. As a reason of it, the new type of
dancing is the hook of her every works. Lastly, the album Butterfly is an impressing
work of her as well. In this album Jolin’s song Butterfly is lively and active;
meanwhile in the musical video Jolin danced and turned circles in fancy ballet suit.
Jolin once said in her concert, “I sacrificed my family, relationship and friends, so I
deserve your applause.”(Chen) Same as previous cases, the mass media helped a lot in
her sales by reporting her practice and her injured legs for this mv. As a result, many
Taiwanese people listened to her songs because the press approve of her
Wang 3
Accumulated from these works and news articles, Jolin’s image is built as a diligent
star who pays a lot and never give up in learning new things.
What’s more, Jolin’s fashion taste has gradually become the standard in Taiwan.
Jolin Tsai put a lot of emphasis on her costume in every of her albums in order to
maintain the accordant concept, meanwhile she accidentally becomes the symbol of
fashion (Chang).As the online magazine Cast net mentioned, Jolin’s outfit and the
change of her appearance since 2003 have provoked Taiwanese people to pursue the
beauty they are long for by many ways. This article even punctuated her hobby in
manicure which is the perfect introduction to Taiwanese young girls. The image of
having nails polished not merely reminds the females to enjoy their own lives without
concerning the households, but also from time to time provides the perception of
delicate life attitude. Since then, the young generation subconsciously follows her
appearance in this originally conservative society.
Additionally, Jolin’s seeable external change is always discussed. People doubted
her chubby face in the past and compare her breasts’ size. Many people think she had
done plastic surgery to make herself beautiful. On the other hand, people bought the
socks she recommended in TV programs, and dyed their hair as Jolin’s hair color
(Chang). She is complimented as “Fashion Diva” by Taiwanese press; in fact, she was
definitely worth the tile. Every time when Jolin revealed her songs, her appearance on
the front cover is the model to most of the student girls. Jolin once said, “If I have
confidence in myself, I will become more beautiful. In the contrary, if I think I am
normal and ordinary, then I will be the ugly-duckling forever” (Chu). The fad Jolin
brought was the foundation for Taiwanese conception towards beauty, and the press in
Taiwan continues leading the society to believe in this Queen and follow that fad in
Wang 4
the future. No matter men or women, everyone somehow automatically connect
“Jolin” with “fashion”.
Jolin Tsai's CDs showed her strong determination to achieve her goal for herself.
Since Jolin revealed the first album 1019 in 1999, this splendid star started to shine in
Taiwanese pop music circles. However, there are lots of people criticized this actress
without pity. In 2007, one of the famous entertainer and record producer, Shan-Ni
Chen, had appraised Jolin one of the top ten bad singers at that time. She claimed that
Jolin sings well but her albums don’t worth listening. The other producer Wei-Zhe
Lin also said criticized that this noticeable singer that she pretends her attitude in
relationship in a overly mature way than her real physical age should be. With the
negative and positive judgments, Jolin’s performance and her concerts become the
subject-to-discuss among the public. To a young singer aged 19, the critique towards
Jolin definitely hurt her.
Furthermore, Jolin's first few albums were little known, yet she didn't change her
mind on performance. She had mentioned her belief in herself many times in
interviews (Chen).Instead of being melancholy and disappointed, Jolin’s aggressive
quality prompted to verify her real value and her abilities to the people who charged
her works with plagiarism. In spite of singing skills, Jolin’s dancing skills is now
incredibly brilliant. Nevertheless, few of her fans know that Jolin’s dancing teacher
had regarded as no dancing talents singer. Before her major debut, she didn’t do well
in the dancing classes provided by the manager’s company. She usually failed to
finish the dancing movements due to her discordant limbs. In the interview taken by
Cheers! Magazine, Jolin shared:
I can’t accept giving up because I haven’t acquired that yet. I don’t think I am
good enough. A person’s view might be limited but one can’t stop learning
Wang 5
because the talented people are not seen yet. I am glad that I wasn’t surrounded
by applause, for the entertainment circle is changeable; it changes every day
Jolin Tsai went to New York learning dancing for accomplishing further level. Even
though she was thought as one of the Four Queen at that time, yet she was not
satisfied with the level she was in. Being asked why to pursue more as a super star,
Jolin said she doesn’t think she is good enough. Her attitude towards entertaining
career is determined and industrious.
To sum up, Jolin devotes a lot in Taiwanese entertainment circles. She treated her
performances positively and left many good impressions in her supporters’ minds. Her
good sense of dressing style and her insistence in appearance also caused the
following phenomenon in Taiwanese society. What’s more, with the previous
experiences on her works, Jolin’s fans looked forward to her coming album and
determined to follow this “Queen Forever” in their hearts. As a result, Jolin brought a
new model of life to the young generation. She built an image of successful female
star which is like a lighthouse to those confusing youngsters. Albeit she had faced the
difficulties, she never thinks of impossible. Her attitude without considering those
obstacles and keeping going is really a convincing story to those young men who are
still striving for their dreams (Chu).
Wang 6
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