Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Christophe Meyer

Christophe Meyer
PhD in Cognitive sciences – Artificial Intelligence, 40 years old.
Synthetic Environment & Simulation Leader - ThereSIS, Research and
Innovation Office – Defence & Security C4I Systems (DSC) - Thales.
Campus Polytechnique
1 Avenue Augustin Fresnel
91767 Palaiseau Cedex - France
Email :
Work experience
ThereSIS, Research and Innovation Office – Defence & Security C4I Systems (DSC) of
Thales. Leading the Synthetic Environment & Simulation Domain
Thales Training & Simulation – D3S. Synthetic Environment.
Managed the Synthetic Environment R&D and Product line.
Supervised the bids for Synthetic Environment related contributions.
Managed the Synthetic Environment team (25~30 persons).
Thales Training & Simulation.
Managed the R&D of the SETS Dept (“Simulators Technical Environment Service”)
Managed the Synthetic Environment team (25~30 persons)
MASA Group (Mathématiques Appliquées SA, Paris V).
Managed the« Adaptive-Profiler » Dept (which included Human Behavior Modeling Profiling and CRM, e-Learning, e-Business, e-Service, mobile phone, video games).
MASA Group
Directed Scientific Dept of Oïko (Video games subsidiary of the group).
Leaded the architecture and development of the « Smart-Opponent » pl at-form
computer adversaries).
Supervised the exploitation of the video game « Conflict Zone » (Edited by Ubi-Soft).
MASA (Mathématiques Appliquées S.A.).
Managed projects and engineering research – Leaded the Research and Development,
Directed the Project setup and selling, Managed Projects and their corresponding teams.
SME (Industr-IA – Artificial Intelligence for the Industry).
Built up the entity
Created and developed a “Concrete production” software.
SME (MOD International)
Created the entity and developed a“concrete analysis” software, supervised its selling.
Developed a “industrial accidents” management software (for the CERIB - Centre d'Etudes
et de Recherches de l'Industrie du Béton - Epernon, Eure-et-Loir).
DEMLER Company (Paris, France)– Developed and designed a mathematical software for
concrete formulation
SETIM (Paris, France) Developed of a property business software
GCINQ. (Industry and Urbanism Ministry) - Developed a computer assisted industrial
construction software (compatible components).
Higher education and Diplomas
Ph.D in Cognitive sciences – Artificial Intelligence: « S.A.G.A.C.E. Genetic Algorithmic
Solution for the Anticipation of Evolving Behaviors – Application to complete but imperfect
information games ». Eight months of research at the UCSD (University California San
Diego) Cognitive Sciences Laboratory.
Military Service – Computer scientist paratrooper - 11th Paratroopers Division. Network
Research-oriented Master Degree IARFA (Artificial Intelligence - Paris VII) (A+
Mention) and Applied Computer Science Master Degree (MIAIF - Paris V) (A Mention)
DEUG MP (Mathematics & Physics - Université I.S.T.V
Mathématiques Spéciales M. (Janson de Sailly, Paris XVI)
Mathématiques Supérieures. (Carnot, Paris XVII)
Baccalauréat C – Scientific (with distinction).
Computer Science knowledge
 Projects conception and management ;
 Functional and Technical specifications (UML, Model Driven Engineering /Model Driven
Architecture) ;
 Engineering and Computer Sciences (Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life, Modeling
& Simulation, Virtual reality, Mathematical theory of Games…)
 Software Development: Java, Delphi, Forth, C++, C, Lisp, Ada, Smalltalk, Embedded VB.
 English : Fluent -
German: Basics.
Kozlova, O., Sigaud O., Meyer C. TeXDYNA: Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning in Factored MDPs.
Proceedings of Simulation of Adaptive Behaviors. From Animals to Animats, 2010.
Kozlova, O., Sigaud, O., Meyer C. Automated Discovery of Options in Factored Reinforcement Learning.
ICML/UAI/COLT Workshop on Abstraction in Reinforcement Learning, Montreal, Canada, 2009.
Kozlova, O., Wuillemin, P.-H., Sigaud, O., Meyer C. Considering unseen states as impossible in Factored
Reinforcement Learning. ECMLPKDD 2009 conference LNAI, 2009.
Meyer C. A behavioral engine and a motivational engine: A joint operation. Simulation Interoperability
Workshop (SIW Fall’07). SISO, 2007.
Meyer C., Zucker J-D. Apprentissage pour l'anticipation de comportements de joueurs humains dans les jeux
à information complète et imparfaite : Les "Mind-reading machines". Revue d'Intelligence Artificielle.
Polytechnique, 2001.
Donnart, J.-Y., Jakobi, N., Kodjabachian, J., Meyer, C., Meyer, J.-A., Trullier, O. (1999). Industrial
Applications of Biomimetic Adaptive Systems. Lenca, P. (Ed.). Proceedings of HCP'99 - Human Centered
Processes. ENST Bretagne Pub.
Meyer C., Akoulchina I., Ganascia J-G. Two approaches of human Behavior Anticipation. Proceedings of
the 9th International conference on Tools with AI - ICTAI, 1997, IEEE press.
Meyer C., Ganascia J-G, Zucker J-D. Learning Strategies in Games by Anticipation. Proceedings of the
fifteenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, IJCAI'97. Morgan Kaufman
editor 1997.
Meyer C. S.A.G.A.C.E. Genetic Algorithmic Solution for Evolving Behaviors' Anticipation. Technical
Report. LIP6, 1996.
Meyer C, Ganascia J-G. Utilization of imitation and anticipation mechanisms to bootstrap an evolutive
distributed artificial intelligence system. Animal Societies as an Alternative Metaphorical Basis for
Distributed AI - ICMAS, 1996.
Meyer C., Flacher F. Service Oriented Objects and Adaptive Human Behavior Modeling for Critical
Infrastructure Simulation 2009 – For THALES
Meyer C., Boufarguine M., Couvet S., Guitteny V. Système de supervision d’une zone de surveillance (Ref.
D3S / MCF 10846) 2008 – For THALES
Meyer C., Flacher F., Pays N. Procédé de simulation de comportements dans une infrastructure
reconfigurable (Ref. D3S / MCF 1099) 2009 – For THALES
Meyer C. Dispositif de modélisation de comportements d'utilisateurs de produits ou services, système
d'élaboration et de gestion automatique de propositions d'offres de produits ou services (Ref.
G06Q30/00; G06Q30/00)2004 – For MATHEMATIQUES APPLIQUEES SA.
Activities and interests
Sports: Swimming, Shooting, jogging, tennis, parachuting (certificated in 1993).
Hobby: Poker, strategy games, Boardgames, Robotics.
Travelling: US (among others, 8 months in San Diego), Japan, UK, Holland, Spain, Germany, Finland,