PR-01 Amendment - West Clermont Local School District

Student’s Full Name
Date of Birth:
Date Sent
This is to notify you of the district's action regarding
's educational program.
1. Type of action taken:
Proposes to initiate an initial evaluation
Refusal to initiate an evaluation
Expedited evaluation
Proposes to change the identification, evaluation or educational placement of the child or provision of FAPE
Refusal to change the identification, evaluation or educational placement of the child or provision of FAPE
Change of placement
Change of placement for disciplinary reasons
IEP issues/meetings where the parent(s) disagree with the district
Due process hearing, or an expedited due process hearing, initiated by the district
Graduation from high school
Exiting high school due to exceeding the age eligibility for FAPE
Other - IEP Amendment
2. A description of the action proposed or refused by the school district:
The school district proposes to amend the IEP.
3. An explanation of why the school district proposes or refuses to take the action:
The IEP team has determined that an amendment to the IEP is necessary.
4. A description of other options that the IEP team considered and the reasons why those options were rejected:
The team considered not changing the IEP, but determined that amending the IEP was necessary.
5. A description of each evaluation procedure, assessment, record or report the school district used as a basis for the
proposed or refused action:
The IEP team has considered the information in the child's IEP, ETR, and Progress Monitoring.
6. A description of other factors that are relevant to the school district’s proposal or refusal:
Input from the IEP team, including the parent/guardian and consideration of any outside evaluation.
7. Provision of procedural safeguards:
As a parent of a child with a suspected or identified disability, you have procedural safeguard protection under the
Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA) of 2004. Upon initial referral for an evaluation or
parent request for an evaluation, you will be given a copy of your procedural safeguards. You will also be given a copy
of your procedural safeguards upon request, upon receipt of the first state complaint under 34 C.F.R. §300.151300.153 and upon receipt of the first due process request under 34 C.F.R. §300.507 in a school year and in
accordance with the discipline procedures in 34 C.F.R. §300.530 (h).
Please contact Laura Nazzarine
at 513-943-5000
if you have any
questions about the action(s) described above, your rights, as described in the Procedural Safeguards Notice, or
other related concerns. You may also obtain a copy of the procedural safeguards notice from the following:
Name: Laura Nazzarine
Title: Director of Special Education
Address: 4350 Aicholtz Rd. Suite 220
City: Cincinnati
Telephone: 513-943-5000
State: OH
Zip Code: 45245
School District: West Clermont Schools
Enclosure: Procedural Safeguards Notice
****Your child may be eligible for a scholarship under the Autism Scholarship Program or the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship program to attend a special education program that implements the
child’s individualized education program and that is operated by an alternative public provider or by a registered public provider. For more information on both scholarships you can call the Ohio
Department of Education at 1-877-644-6338 or email or
Effective date: 2/1/07