Crachit Family

The Crachit Family
We read about the Crachit family in Chapter 3 of ‘A Christmas Carol.’
Why do you think it is important for Dickens to show us such a cheerful, loving family?
Why did Dickens choose to write about Tiny Tim, making him a cripple? Was he trying to tell us something about the
way we treat people who have disabilities?
1. Find the evidence from the text that supports the following points:
All the family helped each other when
there was lots to do.
Mrs. Crachit worried about her family if
they were late.
She did not get cross about her family
turning up late, but was pleased that
they were all together.
They all appreciated good food.
Tiny Tim does not feel sorry for
himself, just because he is crippled.
They were a religious family.
They enjoyed each other’s company and
entertained each other.
Mrs. Crachit was not afraid to speak her
They were poor but happy together.
1. Write up your impressions of this family, giving reasons why Dickens used these characters? Remember to use:
 full sentences
 paragraphs
 quotations