AndreaFlorenceCV - Wildlife

ANDREA FLORENCE – Executive/Series Producer
19 Bishops Road, Highgate, London N6 4HP
Tel: 0208-340-9500 Mob: 07788-454-059
Key Skills
Emmy award-winning exec/series producer with a strong track record of both factual and factual
entertainment programming.
Produced a raft of successful films from blue chip wildlife shows and ob-doc series to celebrity and
presenter-led programmes and computer graphic specials for all major broadcasters worldwide
including BBC, Channel 4, ABC, National Geographic and Discovery.
Considerable experience in all stages of filmmaking - generating story ideas, budgeting, securing a
commission, and all aspects of production and postproduction.
Project Management:
Highly organised and proven ability to run complex projects from pitching ideas and raising finance
through to recruiting, directing and managing large teams and budgets.
Extensive experience in running fast turnaround international series that involve multiple teams
shooting worldwide and overseeing simultaneous edits.
Excellent communication and people management skills - inspiring large teams, managing
presenters and contributors and effectively listening to and interpreting the needs of clients.
Work Experience
Parthenon Entertainment
Executive Producer 2010-2013
Groundbreaking 3D special featuring Polar Bears in the wild
- ‘3D Polar Bears’ (National Geographic Channel US, NGCI, NDR & Universal)
Supervised and exec’d award-winning specialist factual programming
- ‘Serengeti’ & ‘King of the Jungle’ (National Geographic & Animal Planet) wildlife spectacles filmed on
location in Tanzania and the Congo
‘Kingdom of the Forest’ (National Geographic) magical world of the forest revealed through ultra slowmotion, remarkable time-lapse and extreme macro photography
‘Clan of the Meerkats’ (National Geographic) drama packed story featuring a family of meerkats in the
Namib Desert
Pioneer Productions
Executive Producer 2008-2009
Managed four ground-breaking award-winning shows that involved the use of revolutionary 4D scanning
techniques, state of the art computer imagery and breathtaking special effects.
‘In The Womb: Extreme Animals’, ‘In The Womb: Cats’ &’ In The Womb: Dogs’ (National Geographic
Channel US & NGCI & Channel 4) 120’ special & 2 x 60’ HD shows that reveal never been seen before pictures
of sharks, penguins, kangaroos, cats and dogs in their journey from conception to birth.
'In The Womb: Twins' (National Geographic Channel US & NGCI) 60’ HD special following the story of the
human foetus from conception to birth. We witness unique footage of twin foetuses interacting with each
other before birth and open a window into their incredible world in the womb.
THE INDEPENDENT “…here was something rare, a nature programme still with the wow factor.”
THE TIMES “Here is the kind of biology lesson that Quentin Tarantino might enjoy.”
CRITIC'S CHOICE DAILY TELEGRAPH – “it’s a fascinating and visually entrancing journey”
THE MIRROR “This is the sort of programme that you think you'll try out for five minutes and then
find yourself still silently gawping at in wonder 90 minutes later”
Pioneer Productions
Series Producer 2005-2007
Ran fast turnaround shoots worldwide and oversaw multiple edits for 13 part series that was re-commissioned
into a fifth run.
‘World’s Most Extreme Homes’ (HGTV) 65 x 30’ presenter led shows filmed in HD featuring the world’s
most remarkable and unusual homes from around the globe.
North One TV/ All3media
Producer/Director 2003-2004
Created a fast paced entertaining series - developed stories, set up overseas shoots and directed a celebrity
‘John Lydon’s Megabugs’ (Discovery) – John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols) reveals his
love for creepy crawlies in 10 x 30’ series where he is set upon by killer bees, sucked by leeches and hunts
down giant tarantulas as well as glow in the dark scorpions.
Wall to Wall
Series Producer 2002
Recruited, organised and managed large specialist crew for multi-location shoot overseas. Transformed client’s
original idea into a reality by using complex cutting edge animation mixed with live action.
 ‘Jeff Corwin’s Giant Monsters’ (Animal Planet & National Wildlife Federation) – 120’ extravaganza with
presenter Jeff Corwin – a mix of present day conservation projects and environmental issues from
prehistoric times using computer graphics to reanimate creatures from the past.
Aquila Films
Series Producer 1998-2001
Developed and pitched initial concept, secured finance, negotiated rights, directed large and complicated
shoots worldwide, and liaised with multiple broadcasters.
 ‘Return to the Wild’ (Carlton International & National Geographic) - 13 x 30’ series filmed around the
world from Namibia & Borneo to Russia. Documentary films that follow the lives of passionate individuals
as they struggle to rescue animals so that they can be given a second chance back in the wild.
 ‘The Glittering Reefs of Sulawesi’ (BBC) – a portrait of the reef & fishermen in Indonesia.
Director and Producer 1995-1997
Conceived and pitched original idea, produced and directed on location for several months, directed the edit
and at the same time managed the co-production.
 ‘Giant Panda: The Bamboo Bear’ (BBC) - 50’ documentary featuring China’s pandas
 ‘Sulawesi: An Island Bewitched’ (BBC & WNET) – 50’ film exploring the unique wildlife, people and
controversial conservation issues on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia.
Partridge Films
Senior Producer and Director 1990-1994
Produced award-winning films - developing and pitching initial concepts, directing on location overseas and
running all aspects of postproduction including directing celebrity voice-over and commissioning original
 ‘Secrets of the Golden River’ (ABC & BBC) – award-winning special capturing for the first time the wildlife
and peoples of the remote Rio Negro in the Brazilian Amazon.
 ‘Amazon, the Flooded Forest’ (National Geographic & BBC) - series exploring the wildlife and people of
Brazil’s Amazon.
 ‘Fragile Earth’ (Channel 4) – 6 x 50’ landmark series featuring wildlife in wildernesses across the globe
from the Alaskan arctic and the Kalahari desert to the jungles of Borneo and Central America
VARIETY “Andrea Florence’s eye-catching investigation of the Amazon is a jewel”
VARIETY “Commercial TV doesn’t often rise to documentary heights like this”
Awards & Recognition
WINNER Emmy for best documentary
WINNER Wildscreen Panda award for innovation
WINNER 2 Gold medal New York Film Festival
WINNER Silver Hugo, Chicago International Film Festival
WINNER Silver medal at the International Film & TV Festival of New York
WINNER International Science Festival
WINNER Sichuan TV Festival
WINNER Astra Awards
WINNER L'Ecocine Film Festival in Brazil
NOMINATED 10 Emmy awards
NOMINATED Banff World TV Awards
Education and Qualifications
BA Hon (2:1) Natural Sciences – specialising in primatology
‘A’ Levels: Physics (A), Chemistry (A), Biology (A)
Cambridge University
Bromley High School GDST