Samantha reproduction-one goal two methods

Reproduction: One goal, two methods
1. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of sexual and asexual reproduction for the species
that practice them. Use specific examples for each method of reproduction to support your ideas.
There are many advantages and disadvantages for sexual and asexual reproduction. One
disadvantage of asexual reproduction is that you pass all of their genes for a trait onto their
offspring. This means that there is no room to evolve as time goes on. One disadvantage of sexual
reproduction is that you would have to find a mate in order to reproduce. This might take a long
time. One advantage of asexual reproduction is that you don’t have to find a mate so you could
reproduce any time you wanted. This saves lots of time. One advantage of sexual reproduction is
that genes for a trait evolve as time goes on. For example, you are more likely to be immune to
certain diseases if your parents sexually reproduced.
2. Explain in what ways you think offspring born from one parent might differ from those born
from two parents. Use specific examples to support your ideas.
Offspring with one parent are different from offspring with two parents. Offspring whose
parent reproduced asexually has the exact same traits as its parent because it was basically
duplicated. Offspring who have two parents have different traits from the genes that were passed
down to it. Offspring from parents who sexually reproduced traits keep evolving as time goes on,
but offspring whose parent asexually reproduced will continue to duplicate itself and each one will
have the same exact traits.