CDC(R1) - Donation Form

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Keller ISD
Request for Acceptance of Donation/Gift
Donations exceeding $4999.99 must be approved by the Superintendent. CDC (Local)
Donations exceeding $19,999.99 must be approved by the Board of Trustees. CDC (Local)
The Board of Trustees must be notified of donations between $5,000 and $19,999.99
TO: Keller ISD Board of Trustees/Superintendent
FROM: _______________________________________________________
Principal/Department Head
Name of Donor (if organization, include name of representative)
Mailing Address
City Zip Code
Description of Donation/Gift
Proposed use of the Donation/Gift
Permission is requested to accept this donation/gift for Keller ISD. The donor understands that
this donation/gift will become the property of Keller ISD and will be under the jurisdiction of the
Superintendent in accordance with Board policy and administrative rules and regulations.
Approved donations/gifts will be added to fixed assets inventory if applicable.
Approved for proposed use
Approved for general use of KISD
Not approved
Check if individual value of donated non-cash items exceeds $4,999.99.
For Finance Use Only:
Revenue Account Code __________________________________________________
Expenditure Account Code ____________________________________________
Finance signature:_______________________________________________________
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