Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland

Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland
The Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland (WPSQ) is a community
organisation committed to a sustainable future for people and wildlife. Formed in
1962, by David Fleay, Judith Wright, Kathleen Macarthur, and Brian Clouston,
WPSQ has 24 branches and over 1000 members spread throughout the state making it
Queensland’s oldest and largest conservation group.
WPSQ works in cooperation and consultation with local communities and businesses;
and by negotiation with local, State, and Federal governments. WPSQ operates only
lawfully and in a non-confrontational manner. The Society is made up of people from
all walks of life: teachers, office workers, farmers, doctors, biologists, retirees and
school students - a genuine cross-section of society, united by a concern for wildlife.
WPSQ is involved in a wide range of activities across the state. These include:
Providing advice to government
Publishing Wildlife Australia Magazine – an environmental education
Educating the community through workshops, events, and eco tours
Supporting biologists and researchers studying threatened species such as the
Bilby, and the Coxen’s Fig Parrot
Practicing ‘hands on’ conservation through tree planting, flora and fauna
surveys, restoring wildlife habitats and protecting remnant rainforest
Some of WPSQ’s achievements include:
 Starting the campaign to save the Great Barrier Reef in the 1960’s
 Leading the campaign to save Fraser Island
 Lobbying government to stop logging in the Wet Tropics
 Involved in the recovery program for a number of endangered species – the
Bilby, Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat, Mahogany Glider, False Water Rat,
and the Coxen’s Fig Parrot
 Vegetation Management - negotiating with government, and other
stakeholders (farmers, community groups etc.) for the end to broad scale land
clearing in Queensland.
Current projects and campaigns
 Platypus Care and Echidna Watch – monitoring monotreme distribution
 Campaign to ban Duck and Quail hunting
 Supporting the ‘save the Daintree’ campaign
 2005 WPSQ will launch the Gliders of Queensland campaign – a study of
these nocturnal marsupials across different regions to find out more about their
habitat, distribution, and threats
Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland
abn 44 235 565 907
95 William Street, Brisbane Qld 4000
ph 07 3221 0194 fax 07 3221 0701
website www.wildlife.org.au
email [email protected]