SEPTEMBER 15, 2001
At 10:10 a.m., the meeting was called to order by the President of
Honors Parents, LYNN SILBER. Lynn began by introducing the officers,
Vice President Michele Hamilton and Rita Faulstick, Secretary. Lynn
then introduced the Honors Devils who were assisting at today's meeting and thanked them.
MICHELE HAMILTON introduced Christy Southergill, Senior Program Coordinator at The Barrett
Honors College, and gave a brief biography of Christy, who is very active in community affairs.
LYNN SILBER and MICHELE HAMILTON lead an icebreaker, encouraging each
Honors Parent to meet someone he/she had not previously known. BHC polo shirts were then
awarded as prizes to the parents who traveled the farthest for today's meeting. Since none had
come more than fifty miles, a shirt was awarded to parents who had recently moved here from the
farthest place, South Africa.
DEAN TED HUMPHREY spoke about the recent disasters. He also spoke about the history,
present and future of The Barrett Honors College.
ASSOCIATE DEAN, DR. JANET BURKE, spoke about the importance of being
involved in our children's education and lives without hovering over
them, and how Honors Parents is a vehicle to accomplish this goal.
Lynn Silber then introduced ASSISTANT DEAN, DR. DIANE FACINELLI.
LYNN SILBER spoke about the various lectures and dinners that are offered annually by The
Barrett Honors College. She also mentioned Family Weekend and the breakfast and Mock
Human Event class offered to parents each year on that Saturday morning. She explained how
our presence shows students how we value their education and their time here. She discussed
the various ways parents can volunteer their services during the year,including folding papers for
mailing, and serving on various committees.
RECRUITMENT COMMITTEE: This group assists in recruitment to keep the
freshman class strong year after year. They host receptions for Dean Humphrey to speak with
prospective students and their families, and speak to high school teachers and guidance
EVENTS COMMITTEE: This group helps with events such as Family Weekend
and the Rhodes and Centennial lectures and scholarship dinner each year. During Family
Weekend, volunteers are needed to register parents, sell shirts, and spread the word about our
NEWSLETTER COMMITTEE: Originally this committee mailed a newsletter to
parents, but they have found it easier and more effective to post the
newsletter on our web site, Anyone with a talent
for writing is encouraged to join this Committee. And anyone who wishes
to share something with other families is encouraged to contact the
committee. If any students or parents have questions, the questions and answers can be posted
on the web site, since others probably have the same questions. This committee is always
looking for articles to publish.
TIMELY TOPICS COMMITTEE: This committee will aid parents in knowing what is going on in
BHC and in the University. They will gather together and think about topics that parents might
want to hear about.
ASU PARENTS ASSOCIATION is a separate organization, but we sometimes work together
since we share the goal of supporting the University.
Everything our organization does is for BHC, but it also benefits the
University as a whole. The ASU Parents Association has given us
financial support by donating the mugs you received today and by
assisting us in ordering shirts. They also publicized our Mock Human
Event class and breakfast in their newsletter.
FAMILY WEEKEND will be October 19-21 this year, and we encourage all
parents to attend if they are able to do so. The Human Event is a
required class taken by all freshmen in BHC, and the Mock Human Event
held on October 20 this year will give families an opportunity to
experience this class for one day. A reading to be done beforehand will be available on the web
so family members can prepare for this class and take part in the discussion. Classes are limited
to fifteen people. This year's topic will be on the French Revolution.
Lynn also mentioned that the top four states supplying students to MHC
are Arizona, California, Illinois and Minnesota. BHC currently has 2646 students. These
students are from 44 states, 6 foreign countries, and we have 12 students currently studying
MICHELE HAMILTON: Last year, Arizona State University had an enrollment
of 50,365 students, making it the third largest university in the country, and The Barrett Honors
College is the jewel in the crown. Our organization allows parents to stay involved in their
children's education and lives and encourages us to always be available to their
CHRIS ROONEY, President of Honors College Council, spoke about the many
programs and opportunities in BHC, specifically study abroad programs,
international programs, tutoring programs, the listserv, speakers who are brought in from outside
to talk to students, culture groups and discounts to events. He explained that every student has
an opportunity to be involved. He also discussed ASASU which has senators from every college
in the University.
ASSISTANT DEAN, DR. DIANE FACINELLI spoke about the importance of
students getting off to a good start. She also stressed the importance
of students not listening to rumors, but instead visiting her or another Advisor to obtain accurate
information. Advisors are available every school day, 8-5.
Dr. Facinelli showed a copy of the planning chart that is now
given to any student requesting one, and stressed the importance of all
freshmen using one to help them prepare a plan for taking classes needed for graduation. (It is
not unusual for students to discover, too late, that they will not be able to graduate because they
are missing one or more required classes).
the importance of students knowing about opportunities. There are five highly trained Peer
Advisors, each working ten hours a week.
CHRISTY SOUTHERGILL spoke about what is planned for the coming year.
She spoke further about the Rhodes and Centennial Lectures, explaining
that the focus of both events this year will be on Native American leadership and culture. M.
Scott Momaday is a Native American and a celebrated poet, Pulitzer Prize winning novelist,
playwright, painter and storyteller. He is a Regents Professor of the Humanities at the University
of Arizona. The Centennial lecture and dinner will be held on Monday, March 4, 2002. The John
J. Rhodes Chair in Public Policy and American Institutions will be Don Fixico, a prolific researcher
and pre-eminent scholar of Native American issues. He is the Thomas Bowlus Distinguished
Professor of American Indian History and Director of the Indigenous Nations Study program at
the University of Kansas. He was born in Oklahoma and is of the Sac & Fox, Shawnee Creek and
Semonole tribes. Christy spoke further about Family Weekend, the BHC brunch and Mock
Human Event class. She also mentioned that there will be other options,including tours of the
Arboretum and tours of The Barrett Honors College facilities.
Christy referred to copies which were handed out of the
Arizona Republic newspaper article, "Thank Honors College, ASU 4th on
'Hot, Trendy' List." ASU achieved this distinction mainly because of
The Barrett Honors College and because of its undergraduate research
Christy spoke about the importance of our committees and the valuable
work they do. All parents have much to share. There will be informal
discussion groups for students lead by parents of things they want to
share, such as their interests, hobbies or professions.
LYNN SILBER encouraged all parents to be involved in a committee.
Subcommittee meetings will be held Saturday morning, October 6. Parents were asked to
complete an information form and a survey form.
The next general meeting will be Saturday, November 17.
The meeting adjourned at 11:58 a.m.