Preposition Notes

A preposition is a word (or group of words) that shows the
relationship between its object (a noun or pronoun that follows
the preposition) and another word in the sentence.
The subject in the sentence does the verb- the object in the
sentence is still a noun, but the verb is done to it… OR it is not
the main noun in the sentence
Examples: over/ under/ beside/ with/ to
Underline the adjectives, circle the verbs, box out the nouns, and
double underline the prepositions. List the subject, the verb, and
the object under each copied sentence.
The black cat walked under the chair.
He stood in front of Safeway.
The box is on top of the desk.
The brown fox jumped over the fence.
The dog was running over the bridge.
There are three kinds of prepositions…
1- Simple (just one word): at/ in/ on/ of/ to
2- Compound (two words as one): within/ underneath/
outside/ without/ underfoot
3- Phrasal (more than one word working as one
preposition): on top of/ together with/ by means of/ in
back of/ on behalf of/ in between
NOTE: the first pronoun or noun following a preposition
is its object.
Ex. The bug was clinging to the girl’s upper lip.
Prepositional Phrases
A prepositional phrase starts with the preposition, the object of
the preposition and any modifiers of the object (adjectives &
adverbs). Prepositional phrases serve as adverbs or adjectives.
They are not complete sentences.
Examples of prepositional phrases
…under the big, black chair.
…with my best friend, Sam.
Copy these three sentences into your notes and
underline the prepositional phrases
1- Some people run away from yellow caterpillars.
2- However, little kids with inquisitive minds enjoy
their company.
3- Give the letter to me.
Come up with five sentences in your notes with
prepositional phrases. Circle the prepositions and
underline the prepositional phrases.
List of prepositions
Aboard, about, above, according to, across, across from,
after, against, along, alongside, along with, apart from,
at, away from, because of, before, behind, below,
beneath, beside, besides, between, beyond, by,
concerning, considering, down, down from, during,
except, except for, for, from, from under, in, in addition
to, in back of, in front of, in place of, inside, into, like,
near, near to, of, off, on, on behalf of, onto, out, out of,
over, prior to, regarding, since, together with, through,
to, toward, under, underneath, until, up, up to, upon,
with, within, without.
Please write this in your notes.
Underline the adjectives, circle the verbs, and box out
the nouns/ pronouns, and double underline the
prepositional phrases and draw a heart below the
1- She met me at the game.
2- The old man walked near my house.
3- My phone rang off the hook.
4- In the few minutes I had looked away from him, he
had vanished.
5- Except for a small scratch on the right side of the
car, it looked perfect.
6- I stood by my cousin’s side when he was in trouble.
7- Maurice did his homework without any help.
8- She hit me below the belt.
9- Along the windy road, I saw a little, brown bird.
10Mr. Lucero pours cream in his coffee.
Create sentences for the following structures:
1- Preposition/ article/ adjective/ adjective/ noun,
pronoun/ verb/ adverb.
2- Article/ adjective/ noun/ verb/ preposition/ article/
3- Noun/ conjunction/ noun/ verb/ preposition/ article/