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Course Information – EFFECTIVE FL 2013-01

Acronym/Number CRJ 109 Historical Ref CRJ 109

Title Theories Of Interviewing

Credit breakout 3 3 0 0 0

(credit lecture lab practicum work experience)



The process of gathering information from others: the interviewee, the setting, the types of questions, nonverbal communication, deception and theories of communication.


During this course, the student will be expected to:

1. Define the characteristics of an interview.

1.1 Characteristics of an interrogation.

1.2 Benefits of conducting an interview first.

1.3 Understand and explain Miranda Rights and when they should be given.

1.4 Explain why Miranda Rights are legal, moral, and ethical.

2. Obtaining factual information.

2.1 Define “case facts”.

2.2 Explain the process of fact gathering.

2.3 Explain how an investigator should ethically follow the facts in order to obtain truthful information.

3. Explain the traits and qualifications of a good interview and a good interrogation.

3.1 Provide the reasons for the “assumption of guilt”.

3.2 Provide the reasons for “assumption of innocence”.

3.3 Define the “neutral position”.

4. Define the process of formulation of Interview questions.

4.1 Provide an example of a good “opening question”.

4.2 Identify the three parts of a truthful account.

4.3 Identify indications of deception.

4.4 Provide the technique for handling an evasive response.

4.5 Provide an example of a good “opening question”.

5. Explain the process of behavior symptom analysis.

5.1 Define the verbal channel.

5.2 Define the paralinguistic channel.

5.3 Define the nonverbal channel.

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