Chapter 17 + 18 Southwest Asia Study Guide

Chapter 17 + 18 Southwest Asia Study Guide
The Eastern Mediterranean lies on what two continents? Europe and Asia
What makes commercial farming possible in the region? irrigation
What is the most common climate in the Eastern Mediterranean? desert or steppe
What are the most important mineral resources in the Eastern Mediterranean? phosphates and
5. What benefit would Turkey have if they joined the European Union? Improve economy
through increased trade with Europe.
6. Jews moved to Palestine after what movement? Zionism
7. What are the dietary laws that Jews follow? kosher
8. How do Palestinians feel about the Jews settling in the west bank? They feel it is an invasion
of their land.
9. What is the large landform found on the Arabian Peninsula? Largest sand desert in the world
called the Rub’ al-Khali
10. What is the poorest country in the Arabian region? Yemen
11. What landforms are found in Iran? plateaus and mountains
12. What present-day country was the site of the world’s first civilization? Iraq
13. What does Rub’ al-Khali mean? Empty Quarter
14. Which country is made up of seven tiny kingdoms? United Arab Emirates
15. Who has ruled Saudi Arabia since 1932? Members of the Saud family
16. Which country has the world’s largest oil reserves? Saudi Arabia
17. Where are most oil fields found? near the shores of the Persian Gulf
18. What desert is in southern Israel? Negev
19. What is the West Bank? A large area disputed by Jews and Arabs in Israel
20. What bodies of water split Turkey in two parts? Bosporus Strait, Dardanelles, Sea of
21. Know the definitions of the following vocabulary:
phosphates- mineral salts containing the element phosphorus
asphalt- a dark, tarlike material used to pave streets.
monarchy- ruled by a king or queen, the head of a royal family
oasis- a wet, fertile area in a desert that forms where underground water bubbles to the
theocracy- a government ruled by religious leaders
embargo- placing a limit on trade with another country
Tigris and Euphrates Rivers- Rivers in Iraq and Syria. Area between called Mesopotamia
Syrian Desert –Desert in Syria and Jordan
22. What makes the Dead Sea so unique? Saltiest lake in the world and the lowest point on
any continent.
23. What is the Middle East’s most plentiful resource and what might happen to this resource in
the future? Oil
It is non renewable so it will eventually run out.
24. What is the major religion of the Middle East and how does it influence people’s lives?
It has a role in the governments and cultures (ways of life) of the
people of the region.
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