Primary 6
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1. A builder mixed cement with sand and gravel in the ratio 1: 2 : 5 (by volume)
respectively. The total volume of the mixture needed to pave a road was 768 m³. The
builder had 194 m³ of gravel. If each cubic metre of gravel cost $1.35, what was the
cost of the additional gravel needed?
2. Justin earns $2500 per month. He keeps 80% of it for himself and gives two-fifth of
the remainder to Lili. Lili saves a quarter of her money. How much can she save in
one year?
3. Nina has 24 ribbons. Chloe has y times as many ribbons as Nina. Lynn has 5 ribbons
more than Chloe. What is the average number of ribbons that the girls have?
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4. A cubical container of sides 9 cm each was two-third filled with water. 50% of the
water was poured equally into 3 identical containers. The length of each container was
9 cm and the width was 3 cm. what was the depth of water in each rectangular
5. Eloise bought 14 dozen pens. She sold 75% of the pens at $0.55 each and the rest at a
discount of 20%. If she paid $55.35 for the pens, how much profit did she earn?
6. 56y stickers are shared among 4 children. A fifth child comes along and contributes
72 stickers and the average number of stickers the five children have is 48. Find the
value of y.
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7. Hwee Qing, Eunice and Rachel share 60 stamps in the ratio of 2 : 3 : z. If Eunice has 5
more stamps than Hwee Qing, find the value of z.
8. The sums of two numbers is 45. The difference between the same pair is one-third of
their sum. What are the two numbers?
9. Eric bought 20 bottles of perfume for $900. He sold them at a loss of 20% due to the
poor quality of the perfume. In addition, Eric had to pay a tax of 10% for each bottle
of perfume sold. Given that 2 bottles of perfume were left unsold, how much loss did
Eric make?
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filled with
water. The water dripped from the container at a rate of 0.06 m³ per second. What was
the depth of the water in the container after 1 minutes?
10. A rectangular container of length 3.6 m, width 2 m and height 1.8 m was
11. Tim and Stacy shared a sum of money in the ratio of 10 : 13. After Tim spent $18
and Stacy spent $30, they had a total of $21 left. How much more did Stacy have than
Tim at first?
of the tables in a room were painted blue. The remaining chairs were painted red or
yellow in the ratio of 1 : 2. There were 20 more blue chairs than red chairs. How
many chairs were painted yellow?
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