Graduate Opportunities at Cerres

Graduate Opportunities at Cerres
Cerres are looking for software developers to join our unique company at a particularly exciting
time. If you are a software developer who wants to work in the North East and you are looking for
a successful, informal and friendly company, we would be very pleased to hear from you.
If you are interested, send your CV to Tracy Thompson at our offices (address below).
What we do
Cerres are a Newcastle based software development house, providing management systems to the
metal processing industry. For example, a major customer in Norway uses the system to control
the production and processing of aluminium. As well as providing the core system, we work with
many other systems that the client uses, including SAP, laboratory systems and systems controlling
plant machinery. Our systems are absolutely critical to those who use them; we work very closely
with our clients to make sure that they get the very best from their processing plants.
What kind of company are we?
Based in the centre of Newcastle, we have been in business for many years. Our dedicated and
professional software development team works directly with our users and we enjoy a relationship
with our clients that is second to none.
Although we are expanding, we are still a relatively small company; everyone here is important and
can contribute ideas about any aspect of our business. People joining us who are new to the
industry can quickly learn how our entire business works, something that is extremely difficult in a
large multi-national company.
Right now, Cerres is at an exciting stage of its development. While continuing to support and
develop the current systems, we are just about to design and develop a new set of software
products. As well as allowing us to grow our business further, this is giving us a rare opportunity to
design and build a new software system "from the ground up".
The dress code and the culture is informal. We feel that everyone needs a life as well as a job, so
we are open to flexible working arrangements and we avoid long or unsociable hours.
What is the software development like?
We develop browser-based applications with a significant database component, working with a
range of technologies including Oracle, SQL server, PL/SQL, Java and .NET. The team is given as
much freedom as possible, co-operating and supporting each other to deliver high quality changes
in small increments.
We are in the process of building on this team-focussed approach by introducing various Agile
Development approaches, such as Scrum based planning. New members of the team are
encouraged to take on new challenges as soon they are able to.
As well as coding new functionality, our developers are involved in helping the client come up with
solutions, working out how to improve our development processes, designing changes to databases
structures, making the live installations or any other task that helps to deliver a solution to the
customer. This often includes overseas visits to a client site.
Of course, we support training and third party certification (such as those from Oracle and
Microsoft) whenever appropriate.
Who are we looking for?
We are looking for software professionals who are able to fit into our team and help us to move our
products forward. From our point of view, general technical ability is more important than specific
language or platform experience. Your ability to work well within our team is important to us. We
will be looking for a good software related degree or demonstrable experience in software
development along with a passion for producing good software.
Pay is competitive, between £20k and £50k, and the opportunities for development are wide
Contact details
Tracy Thompson
Cerres Limited
40 Clayton Street West
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tel: +44 191 245 3000