Extreme Ice Video Questions

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EXTREME ICE – NOVA/ Nat. Geo. Special http://video.pbs.org/video/1108763899
1. What is Earth’s cryosphere?
2. What is typically responsible for the waxing and waning of ice during major ice ages?
3. Glaciers have forever formed and drifted toward the sea where they break off into the ocean.
What is drawing so much attention to this process today?
4. What is the term use to describe the process whereby ice breaks loose of the glacier and falls
into the sea forming an iceberg?
5. How many degrees (°F) has the temperature in Alaska risen over the last 40 years?
6. What disturbing fact did scientists reveal about Alaska’s Columbia Glacier in the 1980’s?
7. What are scientists using to track the speed of Columbia Glacier? Explain the process.
8. What method was used to capture the images of glacial movement? Explain the process.
9. What were the scientists looking to prove with the help of seismic equipment?
10. Why is the basal ice so deep in color (turquoise, and sapphire like blues)? Explain.
11. How much faster is the Columbia Glacier moving today versus 30 years ago?
12. It is said that Columbia Glacier is collapsing? Explain what collapsing means?
13. When do scientists predict Earth’s ice will disappear completely if nothing is done?
14. How much is sea level expected to rise if the mountain glaciers melt?
15. How far could sea level rise if the ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland were to melt?
16. How do ice cores serve as time capsules? Give 2 examples.
17. Jakobshavn Glacier is the fastest moving glacier in the northern hemisphere. How fast is it
18. Why do melt water lakes on top of the ice sheets suddenly disappear?
Explain how this impacts the glacier.
19. What force is the major factor causing the calving to accelerate? Explain the process.
20. By 2100 how far is sea level predicted to rise?