King Arthur WebQuest

King Arthur WebQuest
Activity #1 Match Maker:
Romance is a common thread in Arthurian Legend. Research the following characters and play matchmaker! You must form 4 couples!
After each couple you arrange, write an explanation for your pairing. Why will they work? What characteristics do they have that will
complement one another. What actions have they taken or do they plan to take that will make them the ‘perfect couple’. Note: you are
only making 4 couples; sadly, some will go unused 
The eligible bachelors are: King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, Merlin, Dragonet, Galahad, The Fisher King, Mordred, Tristan
The eligible ladies are: Guinevere, Elaine (pick one), Lady of the Lake, Isolde, Ygerne (Igraine), Britomartis, Lady of Shalot, Vivien
(1) Use the following sources to learn more about each character and aid in your match-making.
 Character List:
 Main Females’ Legends:
 Character List:
 Other Option – research characters online through google.
(2) Complete the provide chart based upon your research.
Reasoning & Predictions
Activity #2 Law and Order:
1. Define the following methods of punishment and law utilized during the Middle Ages.
 Ordeal ( –
Gibbet ( –
Medieval Torture ( –
2. For each scenario devise a fitting Medieval punishment based on the offense. Explain the punishment in the provided column.
Remember in the Middle Ages, the punishment always ‘fit’ the crime = ironic Ex.: Thief must snatch a stone from boiling water!
Offense / Crime
The Green Knight attacks King Arthur at a celebration. He
destroys valuable items, as well as ruins the celebration.
Furthermore, he threatens to kill Arthur in the future.
Guinevere takes advantage of her position as Queen to betray
her husband and seduce his most loyal knight / best friend.
Sir Kay kills the brother of Sir Turquine in battle. As revenge,
Turquine kills 3 knights of the Round Table. They were not
involved directly in his brother’s death, but they do support Sir
Morgan le Fay places a spell on Sir Lancelot and holds him
prisoner until he will choose either her, or one of her friends
to be his wife.
Merlin cloaks a man to allow him to sneak past guards and
engage in an affair with a married woman.
Vivien places a spell on Merlin that causes him to fall
hopelessly in love with her. Once she has his ‘love’ she uses
him for wealth, magic and social status.
Punishment You Mandate
(Why does this punishment fit the crime?)
Activity #3: Is Chivalry Dead?
(1) Summarize your understanding of chivalry ( –
(2) Do you think chivalry is ‘dead’ in modern American society? Survey your personal experiences and knowledge related to this
concept. Furthermore, research this idea online and write a perfect paragraph containing specific and developed support to prove
your opinion is correct. (Support = specific examples: personal observations, news articles, etc…)
Perfect Paragraph Response:
Activity #4: You Tell It!
(1) Review your character notes. (You might also want to investigate popular movies and actors involved with the legend.)
(2) Pretend you are charged with casting a modern retelling of the popular legend. Complete the chart below to indicate the actor you
would cast. Furthermore, provide an explanation for your choice: Why did you cast the actor? (appearance, qualities, changes
you plan to make in the plot, age, irony, etc…)
Arthurian Character
King Arthur
Sir Lancelot
Sir Gawain
The Lady of the Lake
Morgan le Fay
The Fisher King
Cast Choice
Reasoning & Explanation