Medieval History Notes

Directions: Answer the Questions Below on separate sheet of
paper. Answer in full complete sentences
Pg. 28-33
The Medieval Period
1. What was the difference between William the Conqueror
and his predecessors?
a. He was powerful, well-organized, determined to
exert his authority down to the smallest detail.
2. What is the Domesday Book?
a. A Tax collection book
3. During William’s reign it was so safe that __________.
a. One could journey throughout the land with a
bosom full of gold.
4. What is Henry II’s significance?
a. He started the judicial system in England
5. Richard the Lion-Hearted spent his years
_________________________ while his brother
___________________ taxed the nobles severely. We get
the legend of _________________ from this time. John
was eventually forced to sign the _____________________
a. Fighting wars//John//Robin Hood//Magna Carta
6. What plague devastated England?
a. Black Plague
7. This war began in 1337 and ended in 1453? It was between
what two countries?
a. The Hundred Years War//France and England
Cultural Influences
8. What is the premise of Feudalism?
a. A political and economic system that is based on
the premise that the king owns all the land in the
9. Who owned more land in Europe than anyone else?
a. The Church
10. This is a code of honor intended to govern knightly
a. Chivalry
11. What is courtly love?
a. Relationships between men and women
Literature of the Time
12. Who is the father of English literature. What is the name of
his most famous work?
a. Geoffrey Chaucer//Canterbury Tales
13. Explain a frame story.
a. A collection of tales
14. This is a narrative song telling about the lives of common
a. Ballad
15. What are stories of adventure, gallant love, chivalry and
a. Romances
16. There are two famous stories about King Arthur. What are
the name of these stories?
a. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight//Le Morte
17. What is the last English battle ever fought by knights in
a. The War of Roses