Multiple Choice (Chapter 15)
1. The joining together of several adjacent alluvial fans results in the formation of a:
a. Megafan
b. Playa
c. Bajada
d. Piedmont
2. Desert conditions are caused by:
a. Subtropical descending air at about 30 degrees latitude
b. Being in the rain shadow of mountains
c. Being on the west sides of continents near cool ocean currents which inhibit rainfall
d. All of these
3. Arroyos are:
a. Exotic streams
b. Deltas
c. Sinkholes
d. Stream-cut valleys in arid regions
4. Interior drainage means:
a. Part of a drainage system in the middle of a continent, before it reaches the coast
b. That the stream system drains into a closed basin
c. The part of a stream pattern that does not include tributaries
d. The opposite of anterior drainage
5. Desert pavement refers to
A) specially constructed roadbeds in dry and hot regions.
B) surfaces of concentrated pebbles and gravels.
C) surfaces that evidently were not affected by the 1991 Persian Gulf War.
D) sand-covered surfaces.
6. In which region of the U.S. are eolian processes most effective?
A) northeast
B) southeast
C) northwest
D) southwest
7. Desertification is caused by
A) poor agricultural practices B) deforestation C) global climate change D) all of the above
8. Badlands are regions with a low drainage density.
9. In time a butte will be eroded into a mesa.
10. Arid lands have higher daily temperature ranges than humid regions at comparable latitudes.
11. The most important agent of gradation in most of the areas of the world is the wind.
12. Most streams in desert regions have perennial flow, with some water flowing in them except
during the driest season of the year.
13. Deflation and abrasion are two major wind erosional processes.
a. sand dune
b. loess deposits
c. alluvial fan
d. delta
14. Major desert depositional form __________.
15. Blown silts being traveled great distance by wind and redeposited over existing landscapes__.
16. Produced by flowing water that abruptly loses velocity and drops layers of sediment along
the base of the mountain block __________.
1. c
2. d
3. d
4. b
5. b
6. d
7. d
8. f
9. f
10. t
11. f
12. f
13. t
14. a
15. b
16. c