Feedback codes

Feedback codes
G = Grammatical error
P = Punctuation error
Sp = Spelling error
R = Reference needed
RE = Referencing error - reference present, but does not follow SHU guidance
WW = wrong word
? = I don't understand what you are trying to say here
diverge? (or any other work following by a question mark) = suggested correction
to a wrong word (e.g. the sequence of values continues to get larger …)
Ag = Agreement (grammatical error, e.g. 'David and Maggie both has an idea…')
^ = missing word(s)
del or  = delete (e.g. …she felt more better)
coll = colloquial (non-standard English expression)
l/c = change to lower case (e.g. In my Maths lesson, I tried seating the pupils…)
u/c = change to upper case (e.g. after lunch, i went to my lesson…)
Exp = explain more clearly or fully