Brief - Vorlage Nautic Electronics GmbH

The world’s smallest, fully stabilized, mobile satellite
television antenna system
Time to put the DVDs away and welcome aboard live
satellite TV. The newest addition to the KVH TracVision
family – the TracVision M3 – brings the excitement and
variety of DIRECTV® programming aboard wherever you
Great things do come in small packages. Ideal for boats
as small as 25 ft, the TracVision M3 is the smallest
stabilized TV antenna in the industry.
Everything you need for DIRECTV on your boat comes in one single box – antenna, 12V
receiver, RF remote, all ready to connect to your boat’s 12V power supply and TV.
Our advanced, super-efficient 14.5" antenna gets crystal-clear reception and provides
coverage comparable to 18" marine satellite TV antennas.
Salt, sun, and sea; coastal or offshore; anchored or full throttle – bring it on! Enjoying
DIRECTV programming on your boat has never been so easy. With a TracVision M3
onboard, you have crystal-clear proof that sometimes, less is more!
Access to 300+ channels of DIRECTV programming – news, weather, sports,
movies, and XM radio music!
Great offshore coverage (100-200 miles)
Fast, powerful, ultra-quiet motors and no cable wrap
Fully automatic satellite acquisition
Supports multiple receiver/TV installations