Scoring Rubric for Presentation

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Scoring Rubric for Group Presentation (Theory)
Brief Overview
Summary and
Class Participation
Reference Page
A clear and well-organized presentation that: (a) includes an
introductory statement (topic of presentation, names of speakers,
speaker responsibilities, etc.), (b) has transitions between speakers,
(c) stays within the allotted time, (d) provides a concluding statement
that reiterates the main points of the presentation, and (e)
demonstrates teamwork.
A well-done presentation (PowerPoint or similar) that (a) demonstrates
a balance of graphics and minimal text, (b) uses additional
presentation methods where warranted (e.g., video, posters, music,
etc.), and (c) demonstrates the presenters’ grasp of the material
(minimal reliance on notes or overheads).
Sufficient background information is presented that demonstrates an
understanding of the theory that you are presenting. This would be
evidenced by an exploration of the theory where you briefly share: (a)
the history of the theorist, (b) the key concepts of the theory, and (c)
the definitions of key terms/ideas.
A thorough exploration of how the theory applies specifically to the
practice of addiction counseling, to include such things as (a)
modalities in which it is used, (b) settings in which it most often used,
(c) what the theory “says” about addictions, and (d) specific techniques
that are used.
Evidence that demonstrates how the theory applies/does not apply to
working with specific client populations and presenting issues
(consider the impact of your clinical setting).
A summary of the theory that explores how: (a) the theory applies to
multiculturalism, (b) the theory can be integrated with other treatment
theories, and (c) the audience can find additional information about the
The class is actively involved in the presentation. This is demonstrated
by the use of creative strategies (icebreakers, activities,
demonstrations, etc.) that add to (rather than distract from) the overall
An APA (5th Edition) formatted reference page noting the sources cited
in the presentation.
Points Awarded
___ / 10 max points
___ / 10 max points
___ / 10 max points
___ / 20 max points
___ / 15 max points
___ / 15 max points
___ / 10 max points
___ / 10 max points
Points assigned by peers for each member’s level of participation.
___ / 5 max points
A handout provided to the class which provides a succinct outline of
the presentation, data supporting the appropriateness of your theory
for different presenting issues/types of clients, and practical
information related to the presentation (e.g., suggested readings, webresources, activities, etc.)
___ / 5 max points
Total points by instructor (total points/10* 1.5):
Total points by self-evaluation:
Total points for handout:
Total points for this assignment:
We have abided by the Code of Academic Integrity on this assignment.
___ / 15 max
___ / 5 max
___ / 5 max
___ / 25 max
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