The Outsiders: Collage

The Outsiders: Collage of Allusions
Due Monday, September 10, 2007
An allusion is a reference to a well-known person, place, thing, or event. When
writing, authors use allusions to help create an accurate time period and setting. The
problem is that, as readers, we are sometimes unaware of what these allusions mean.
Assignment: Make a collage out of the following allusions from the novel. You must
include a picture for each as well as any additional written information listed below.
When you use the Internet to search, all writing must be in your words. DO NOT
Dairy Queen—its history, how it came to be
Robert Frost—biography (2-3 sentences summing up his life).
Gone With the Wind—author, basic premise of the book, what the book cover
looks like
Drive-in Theatre—what it was
Hank Williams—brief summary of why he is famous
DX gas station—a picture of this one is fine if you cannot find an explanation.
Madras plaid
Tasty Freeze—its history, how it came to be
Corvair (preferably blue)—brief explanation of what it is
Paul Newman—who he is and why he is famous
Great Expectations–-writer; what the book is about
Corvette (from the time period of the book)— brief explanation of what it is
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