AP 3D/Prep- Concentration Ideas
Please see the AP 3D Studio Art Website for examples of student portfolios and
concentrations. They’ve changed their website but here are a few links to some
student work. There are more if you search around.
A concentration can be a series of works that are very consistent in theme and
approach OR it may evolve and develop as the visual idea is explored, ending in
a different place than where it began. In either case it is best to start out with a
clear plan of attack; if the idea changes it will usually be the natural result of
discoveries made in the process of exploration.
Do not choose to work in a medium in which you have absolutely no experience.
This is not the time to try something totally new. The point of the concentration is
to work in depth. This can usually be best achieved in an area with which you
already have some familiarity.
Research master artists whose work resonates with you. Do not rely totally on
yourself for inspiration. Look at contemporary or historic masters. Pick the brains
of teacher and classmates to inform your own ideas.
If you choose to work in an area rich in cliché or derivative styles (fashion, fairies,
superheroes) be sure that your work is original. Make it unique and personal.
If you work in clay, exploring the medium alone is not sufficient for a successful
concentration. You must choose an engaging visual idea that will be the
organizing force behind your work.
Themes such as “my feelings and emotions”, “nature” or “responses to my life”
are much too broad to constitute a concentration. Please narrow your
concentration idea down enough so that you are not overwhelmed by choices,
but also leave it open-ended enough that you don’t run out of ideas.
Possible Concentrations:
 A series of 3-d works that begin with representational interpretations and
evolve into abstraction
 A series of site-specific works that affect existing form or space
Abstractions developed from natural or mechanical objects
Wheel-thrown or hand-built clay objects that allude to human/animal forms
The use of multiples/modules to create and disrupt 3-dimensional space
A series of sculptures that explore the relationship between interior and
exterior space
A series of sculptural teapots
Sculptures using roller coasters as an inspiration
Sculptural forms using weaving as a starting point
Sculptures using musical instruments as an inspiration
Series of architectural models for homes, public buildings or monuments
Assemblages that juxtapose the coarse and refined qualities of a material
Ceramic project in which wheel thrown and hand-built vessels demonstrate
inventive thinking and proficiency with form
Personal or family history communicated through the content and style of
narrative or poetic assemblage
A series of sculptures that investigate the formal design elements and
A series of thrown and hand-built ceramics that were enhanced by the
attachment of appendages, reminiscent of sea anemones- theme: “Horned
A series about weaving with nontraditional and traditional materials that
evolve into objects
A series of animal or plant inspired forms
A series about changing the function of common objects
A series giving human qualities to common objects
A series of enlarged common objects constructed from unusual materials