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Board of Directors Meeting
July 8, 2013, 6 PM - PCA Board Room
Board Members present: Ken Antol, Scott Hunter, John Lewis, Emily Meyer, Cecile Shellman,
Kathryn Stanko, Andy Urbach, and Melissa Vertosick.
Guests: Juliana Morris, Executive Director.
Melissa called the meeting to order.
May Board Minutes. Prior to the meeting, Ken emailed the May minutes for the Directors’
review; a Board retreat was held in place of the June Board meeting. Directors did not have
sufficient time to review them for a vote.
Note: Minutes were approved via email on July 18th and posted on the AAP web on July
Executive Director’s Report. Overview of activities for the last month.
o Attended the Americans for the Arts 2013 Convention.
o Attended the inaugural exhibition at the Mine Factory at 201 N. Braddock Avenue in
Homewood. AAP member Mia Tarducci Henry coordinated the gallery development.
AAP will mount an exhibition in the same space curated by Vicky Clark in
o Attended the annual Urban Garden Party at the Mattress Factory with Dan Byers,
o Attended the Open Studio event at the Radiant Hall Studios in Lawrenceville. AAP
member Seth Clark maintains a studio at the site.
o Coordinated the “de-install” of the 102nd Annual Exhibition at the CMA. The
exhibition resulted in a profit of $3,381.51 compared with a loss of $13,277 for the
101st Annual; the 102nd featured more money in awards, sales, and donations and
$2,000 less in costs.
o Writing the Allegheny Resource Asset District (ARAD) grant proposal. Kathryn,
Cecile, and Emily are developing an AAP Diversity plan required for proposal.
o Installed and opened the “Conversations 5:10” exhibition at the Most Wanted Fine
Art gallery in Lawrenceville on Friday, July 5th as part of the first Friday Unblurred
Gallery Crawl. Graham Shearing, Advisory Board member, curated the exhibition
comprised of 5 artists from the 2013 Annual and 10 other artist members who
provided works that respond to the theme of artworks as a conversation piece. The
opening was well attended. In conjunction with the exhibition, the exhibition forms
were recreated for artists to sign, including the sales agreement.
o Determined the need for two staff members: Ami to help with contacts, scheduling,
and volunteerism. An office assistant with current technical skills. Plan to include
the salary for an office assistant in a grant proposal.
o Creating a virtual gallery on “Flickr” to post artworks from exhibitions to promote
sales after the show ends.
o To date, 250 members have renewed their membership for the 2013-14 fiscal year,
generating $20,000 in member fees.
o Identifying potential artists for the new member screening on 9/29/2013, and
encouraging previous members to submit.
o Sent “Thank You” correspondence to buyers of art from the Annual and the 30:2
Exhibition at the PCA.
o Financials as of 6/24/2013:
 $58,184 restricted for education, member scholarships, exhibition awards
 $693,236.01 total investments
 $6,000 ahead of budget for 2013 fiscal year, but most will be used for last
 2014 budget is expected to be approximately $75,000 with about $24,000
from the investment drawdown.
Andy commented that (fiscal year) 2013 was an exciting year. A newsletter will be sent to
members in the autumn detailing the accomplishments.
E.D. review. Juliana left the meeting for this discussion. Andy, Melissa, and Ken conducted
the review. The individual Board assessments and the self evaluation had consistent results.
It was a great year for AAP under Juliana’s leadership; exhibitions were upgraded, especially
the Annual; Foundations were impressed and they are positioned to support AAP financially;
member outreach has increased; the strategic business plan was completed under budget and
immediately proved useful; and, a staffing strategy is being created. Agreed-upon priorities
for 2014 are: grant writing and fund raising; continued member and community relationship
building; support team development; and, time management to prevent burnout.
o The Board discussed a salary increase comparable to others in the region with similar
positions and based on the successful year. A motion was made and seconded to
grant a $60,000 salary effective from July 1, 2013. Juliana’s accomplishments
exceeded expectations; she completed a difficult year against impossible odds with a
very low salary for the position and requirements. The motion passed unanimously.
o John and Melissa will review the contract with Juliana, update as needed, and
By-laws Update. John directed discussion of the by-laws detailing the ED role and Board
structure (not completed at the June Board retreat).
o Article VII, Section 2, C - Executive Committee powers will be restricted.
o Article VIII, Section 6 - ED role will be detailed within the AAP structure to reflect
the ED/Board role/responsibility matrix developed last year.
o Article XVI – Add Indemnification.
o John will provide a summarization of the by-law changes. John, with Andy’s and
Emily’s help, will create a video to explain the changes to members.
Board Member Replacements. The Board matched a resigned Director with each Director
appointed since the 11/2012 member meeting. Each Director will complete the term of the
Director s/he replaced.
o Emily Myer replaces community Director John Carson whose term expires 11/2014.
o John Lewis replaces Treasurer Ruthanne Bauerle whose term expires 11/2013.
o Scott Hunter replaces artist Director Doug Wynn whose term expires 11/2014.
o As Secretary, Ken will maintain a spreadsheet of Directors and their terms.
Committees and Board Volunteerism. Juliana will maintain a schedule of activities to
communicate volunteer opportunities for Directors.
o Ami, Juliana’s office assistant, will serve as liaison with Advisory Board members.
Committee to Draft Community Member Roles/Responsibilities. Emily will work with
Laura Horner to determine what AAP wants from community members and what the
members get from AAP; John will assist. Memberships will be marketed to the community.
Committee to Draft Advisory Board Roles and Responsibilities. Emily, Laura, and John
will draft roles and responsibilities for the Advisory Board to determine what AAP wants
from the Board members and what the members receive in return.
Phone Bridge. John will investigate the use of an 800# phone bridge to allow Directors to
audio conference into meetings when they are out-of-town.
Melissa adjourned the meeting.
Respectfully submitted, Ken Antol, Recording Secretary
Please note: The information contained in these minutes is private and confidential and/or privileged, and it is intended for AAP members only. Copying, redistribution or re-use
of any information contained herein by any person is prohibited.