St Thomas of Canterbury General Guide

Please firstly refer to Main Plan.
It will be noted that the sections are divided by two
crossing paths edged by trees.
The Burial Ground has been divided into Sections A,B,C,D,E
and each Grave has a number.
Section A is devoted to the Gainsborough family.
Other burials are in Sections B,C,D and E.
To find family members please firstly look at the alphabetically
arranged list of Surnames.
To the left of the Surname is the Section and Grave Number.
To identify the Grave e.g. A/01 = Section A/ Grave No 1 .
Please note these are informal sketches only and not to scale, they are meant to be used as a guide.
Hopefully a more professional plan will eventually replace them.
Please direct any queries to the History Group Exton,
or look on line at the village web site.
Last updated 31st March 2011
Although every effort has been made by the volunteers involved in compiling this record to ensure accuracy, should any errors occur [often due to the condition of the
gravestone] neither the volunteers, Church authorities or the Exton Estate can be held responsible.
Please note this record will be updated from time to time to include recent burials and inscriptions
[Last updated March 2011]
The researchers of this project have been advised, by those with local knowledge, that three Airmen recorded in the Catholic
Burial Records were exhumed and their remains removed to other burial grounds. The task was carried out by Catholic
Estate workers Bernard Bullimore [who is himself now buried in the Catholic burial ground ] and Bob Collin.
We are told that a service was held with other Catholic Estate workers.
Joseph A.L. Kerr aged 25 years died 18th April 1952 Royal Canadian Air Force, Flying accident, Skegness
Isaac Charles Hermon Paradis aged 37 years died 12th February 1954 Royal Canadian Air Force, N Luffenham
Joseph J R Bedard aged 25 years died 24th June 1953 Royal Canadian Air Force, Air Crash
All three were interred at Brookwood Royal Canadian Airforce Cemetery, Military Cemetery, Surrey
See following site:
Research has discovered the following inscription
‘ In respectful memory, 30561 Flying Officer J A L Kerr, Royal Canadian Air Force,
Row C Grave 7 Post War Casualty’
32496 F/O Joseph Jean Raymond Bedard
49802 LAC Isaac Charles Herman Paradis