Greatest Discoveries with Bill Nye- Evolution

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Greatest Discoveries with Bill Nye: The Origin and Evolution of Life
1. Life is a game of ______________.
#1- KT Asteroid
2. The layer of clay marked what is known in geology as the __________ boundary.
3. Nearly __________ of all life forms on Earth perished in the apocalypse, including _____________.
4. At Meteor Crater AZ, _________ years ago a meteorite about the size of a __________ slammed into the Earth.
5. Alvarez’s theory has been around for about __________ years.
#2- Dinosaurs
6. In __________ a naturalist gave the name Iguanodon to the creature found in a piece of sandstone.
7. “Dinosaur” means ______________ ______________.
8. Yellowstone’s 2 million acres sit atop an enormous underground _____________ over _____ miles wide.
#3- Creating The Potential For Life
9. In __________, Stanley Miller reproduced the conditions on primeval Earth.
#4- Hydrothermal Vents
10. In __________ a deep-sea submarine descended over __________ feet to investigate hydrothermal activity.
11. The temperature around these deep-sea vents was a scorching __________ ºF.
12. This life system is not living off the energy from the Sun, but is living off the energy of the ____________.
#5- Burgess Shale
13. In __________, Charles Walcott came across a piece of shale that was a fossil.
14. The fossils that Walcott discovered were remarkably ______________.
15. The discovery of the Burgess Shale has revealed an estimated ________ different species of ancient marine life.
#6- Classification of Species
16. A botanist, Carl Linneus, came up with a system for classifying every __________ __________.
#7- Natural Selection
17. Charles Darwin quit medical school to become a ______________.
18. The HMS Beagle stayed 36 days in the _____________ Islands.
19. The finches on the Galapagos had different shaped __________.
20. Finally in __________, Darwin published his theory of natural selection.
#8- Australopithecus Afarensis
21. In __________, Donald Johansson, found an ancient hominid in Ethiopia.
22. Lucy was an estimated _________ million years old.
#9- Laetoli Footprints
23. In __________, Mary Leaky, found a pair of fossilized footprints in Tanzania.
#10- Toumai Skull
24. In Central Africa in _________ a research team unearthed 6 skull fragments.
25. Hominids are bipedal and unable to remain _________.
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