Talk on shale oil (Summary)-H00055336

Shale Oil Case
Mohamed Taher Al Harthi
Case Summary
The concept of shale gas and oil has been one that has changed the energy
landscapes recently; United states have been able to increase the production of the
energy resources based in this new technology. This, they believe will lead to longterm energy security for the country. However, the discussion shows this is not to
be the case. The discussion first indicates that shale is not low cost; the
manufacturing costs are high and the actual breakeven cost is as high as $95 per
barrel. On the other hand, the discussion indicates that the actual length of the
availability of the resources is not very high; within few years time, the shale oil
resources will end.
Thus the discussion indicates that the renewed enthusiasm about this method of oil
extraction and the low costs are not realistic. The method also has a high extraction
cost as well as high impact on the environment and the infrastructure. Thus shale oil
is unlikely to be the solution for the energy needs of the world. The discussion states
that the only realistic approach in this context is to reduce oil consumption and be
socially responsible. Further, the companies have to act on realistic estimations
rather than focused on short-term misappropriations just to show unrealistic
My opinion
I believe that the only long-term solution is the changing of the lifestyle; we have to
change the technologies we use and we have to make sure we preserve these
resources. Certain analysts identify shale as a solution to an energy problem the
world is faced with. This is not true and the only best outcome is to develop social
changes to meet these future challenges. It made met feel determined to work
towards reduction of the personal usage of renewable resource and be responsible
about it.
Vocabulary word
1- Vast = Of very great area or extent (the palace is very vast, he is rich
2- Swamped = To flood or drench with water or the like (don't take a loan
from the bank, you will swamped in debt)
3- Preserve = To keep safe (We should preserve our health from any harm)
4- Reasonable = make sense (I can't pay 150000 for a master degree, this is
not reasonable price)
5- interpretation = an explanation of the meaning (this interpretation is
wrong, I didn't say that)
6- proximity = Nearness in place or anything else (you should realize that
proximity is important to ENTREPRENEURSHIP)
7- homogeneous = of the same kind or nature; essentially alike (is it true
that our objective is homogeneous)
8- purports=To convey to the mind as the meaning or thing intended; expre
ss or imply (He purport to the teacher that I was cheating from him)
9- preposterous = completely contrary to nature (he think his idea is right,
no way it's preposterous)
10- bogus = not genuine (ignore this item, it is totally bogus)