Appendix 1 - Southend Borough Council

Appendix 1
Sports & Leisure Development Strategy.
Summary of key objectives and recommendations.
The Sports & Leisure Development Strategy has been produced to enable the authority,
where the resources are available, for sports and leisure to be optimised, through successful
planning and partnership working; that will result in high quality sports and leisure services
and facilities. This will promote participation in sport and healthy lifestyles.
The strategy is designed around three main interlinking themes:
Structural Issues
Facility Development
Development Work
For the purpose of this document these themes have been broken down into the following
Key Objectives
Clear objectives for the Leisure & Community Development Team
Partnership Working
Funding & procurement
Social inclusion
Development of national and local initiatives
Asset Investment – facility development
E Government
Key Recommendations that will enable the key objectives to achieved:
Clear Objectives for the Leisure & Community Development Team
1. To develop a clear framework and direction for future sports development. The strategy
will provide a more cohesive structure to enable more strategic development initiative
planning and ensure optimum use of resources.
2. Support Leisure & Community Development Team in their pursuit for Quest accreditation
by the middle of 2004.
3. Promote effective monitoring and evaluation of access for all aspects of the service.
Partnership Working
1. Continue to promote and develop partnership working within the authority, the local
Primary Care Trust and statutory agencies and voluntary organisations.
2. At planning stage of any new initiative involve relevant council departments and other
relevant agencies, setting up joint steering groups where appropriate to ensure that
duplication of activity is not taking place.
Funding and Procurement
1. The council will continue to position itself as an ‘enabler’ rather than a direct ‘provider’ of
sports development services.
2. Review and consolidate funding opportunities across the service.
E.g. Successful Positive Futures application joint funding bid with Basildon District
3. See Asset Investment – Facility Development item 3.
Appendix 1
E Government
1. Develop use of website for marketing purposes.
2. Use technology to undertake effective monitoring of the Advantage Card scheme, facility
customers and people accessing sports development activities.
3. Promote the development of user friendly data basis e.g. for partner organisations, which
can easily be updated and unanalysed.
Development of Local and National Initiatives
1. More People – To involve more people in sport and recreational activities, people of all
ages in particular ensuring that all young people have the chance to learn sporting skills.
2. More Places – To ensure that we get more and better quality sport facilities with the
available resources, enabling people to play sport in their communities.
3. More Medals – To increase the likelihood of sporting success by providing the support
and resources that elite performers need to reach and remain at the top and succeed in
major international events.
4. Active Communities – To increase and sustain lifelong participation in sport and
recreation, and to promote continuous improvement in the delivery of sporting
opportunities and service at a local level for all the community
5. Active Schools – To support physical education and school sport to stimulate participation
by all, young people, learning to play and to enjoy sport in the school environment.
6. Active Sports – To help young people with the ability and the desire to improve their
sporting skills through a coordinated programme.
Social Inclusion
1. Access for all – access should be monitored
2. Promote integration of target/specialist groups within mainstream sports development
3. Groups to work with should include:
Children within disabilities
People with learning disabilities
People with disabilities
Children, young people, teenagers ensure out of school activities are
Low income groups
Ethnic Minorities
50 +
Asset Investment – Facility Development
1. Undertake an audit of disability access to current sport facilities identifying investment
2. Undertake a condition survey of existing facilities and quantify overall investment
3. Instigate analysis of funding options for capital investment and on going maintenance of
sports facilities via Public Private Partnerships or Private Finance Initiatives. A consultant
is currently being recruited to undertake the first stage feasibility part of this work, for
which provision exists within the 2003/2004 budget.
4. Develop an investment programme – linked to facility feasibility studies and the funding,
procurement and management options review, for which there will be future on-going
resource implications for the period of any agreements.
The findings were the result of the following extensive research and consultation:
A document review of relevant council strategies and previous research undertaken by
the council and stakeholders.
Appendix 1
A Demographic review of the Borough
Assessments of existing supply including a full audit of existing planned facilities within
the Borough and 3km boundary.
An assessment of current and future demand assessment models, to assist with the
authority’s recommendations on current and future facility development needs within the
A survey of local schools
A survey of local sports clubs
A stakeholder focus group
One to one consultation with a wide range of representatives from the council, and local,
regional and national stakeholders and partners.
For more detail on the consultation process, findings and recommendations please
see the Full Sports and Leisure Development Strategy, which is available in the
Member’s Room or from the LCAS department.