The Three-Two Program Leading to a Bachelor of Science in

The Three-Two Program Leading to a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a
Master of Business Administration.
The School of Engineering recognizes that some engineers in training have aspiration to
become managers of engineering programs and projects and thus require some time to
pursue supplementary business education. In cooperation with the Anderson Schools of
Management (ASM) at UNM, the School of Engineering, subject to final approval by the
engineering department that will grant the student his undergraduate degree, suggests the
following five year track to be followed to attain both a BS in engineering at the end of
the fourth year and an MBA at the end of the fifth year:
1. Satisfy the required coursework in years 1 and 2 for an undergraduate degree in a
designated engineering department.
2. Satisfy the non-elective coursework in that designated engineering department in
years 3 and 4. However, among the elective courses, technical or other, in the
designated engineering department, and subject to approval from the curriculum
committee of that department, the student will take MGT502, MGT506 in junior
year or earlier. EECE340 or equivalent Math/Stat course will be accepted by
ASM as an equivalent course for MGT501
3. Admission to ASM graduate program at end of junior year. A GPA of 3.0 is
required of all coursework taken through year 3.
4. MGT 504 should be taken in place of ME/CE350 in senior year.
5. Two of the following courses: MGT506, MGT508, MGT511, MGT520, MGT526
in senior year.
6. 33 hours for ASM graduate credit in fifth year (UNM Graduate School
requirement) after receiving BS from the designated engineering department. Six
of these graduate credit hours can be from School of Engineering graduate level