In Brief about our Rotary International District 3132

In Brief about our Rotary International District 3132
India , a country in South Asia, is the seventh-largest country by geographical
area, the second-most populous country, and the most populous democracy in the
world. It has the world's twelfth largest economy, one of the fastest growing
economies and the fourth largest in purchasing power. A pluralistic, multilingual,
and multiethnic society with high degree of syncretism and cultural pluralism .India
is also home to a diversity of wildlife in a variety of protected habitats.
We, Rotary International District 3132, belong to Zone 4 B. R.I. Dist. 3132 came
into exist on 1st July 2008, after bifurcation from RID 3130.Our District lies in the
heart of Indian subcontinent in western part of Maharashtra state and has myriad
of interesting geographic, historical and contemporary attractions being one of the
finest Rotary District in India. It has Western areas with heavy rainfall and
picturesque towns in the West and Sahyadri mountain range to the North and the
Deccan Plateau in the center and the fertile agricultural hinterland and drought
prone area of Marathwada in the East. India is a country of many beautiful
destinations, few of which are in our district 3132 - Ajanta Ellora caves at
Aurangabad, Kass - Satara (The Plateau of Flowers) , Mahabaleshwar, and Panchgani
.Adjoining our Rotary District, there are few world famous tourist destinations like
Mumbai – the financial capital of India, Pune – an education & IT Hub, Bijapur with
largest unsupported dome having a whispering gallery, Goa the land famous for
sun, sand and beaches, Hyderabad etc.
With an estimated population of 27 million, the District has 2996 Rotarians spread
over 69 clubs in 11 Revenue Districts of the state of Maharashtra. The District
extends 400 kms East to West and 450km North to South. Our District is having
ideal Indian culture with traditional family systems. We can say our District
represents our country India in real sense. Our District is a congruence of various
creeds and culture, combination of traditional and enthusiastic events and
educational landmarks, exotic natural beauty and architectural monuments, various
cities bearing their own specialty, open minded people and their overwhelming
hospitality. We celebrate many Indian festivals the famous ones are Diwali or the
festival of lights, Ganesha festival and Navaratri or Durga pooja festival, Sankranti
etc. Our District represents ideal Indian culture with traditional family systems. Our
District has excellent Educational centers with three Universities. Our District is
paradise for any student or professional or Rotarian to learn about Indian culture as
well as various vocations. It is our pleasure to extend a warm welcome to our
Rotarian friends.
Zone A – 27 Clubs
RI Emphasis Area
Health Care
Water &
Zone B & C - 21 Clubs
District Emphasis Area
Missing Daughter
of India(Female
Road Safety &
Traffic Awareness
Signature Projects Project 1
Clean Drinking water to schools
All clubs in our District (80 including new) will participate in this
Each club will provide this facility to at least one school.
We are planning survey of needy schools, cost of filtering
machine, maintenance support, responsibility, support through
simplified grant and other details and will be available shortly.
The total beneficiaries will be 1, 00.000 school children.
These projects will be completed by March 2012.
Chairman of the project - Rtn. PP Suhas Vaidya, Director R.I.
Project 2
Enhancing Employability through Vocational Training
All club s in our District (80 including new) will participate in this
Each club will organize vocational training for one week, (40 hrs).
Various modules are in process.
Following training are suggested.
Basic Computer skills (M S office)
Training for hotel waiters
Training to plumbers, electricians and job oriented training
Screen printing
Training based on specific requirement
Batch size will be 20.
District will provide training details, trainers,
in certain cases sponsorship, Certification, Preparing data bank
and placement assistance.
Minimum 1500 persons will be provided employment
Chairman of the project. Rtn. Sandip Desai
We have 15 Major donors
10 PDG
Our present District Governor is Rtn.
Dr. Prafulla Mirajgaokar
Email id:
Our present RFE chair is Rtn. Dr.
Rohini Kachole
Email id :