Science in Faith: A Christian Perspective on Teaching Science

Science in Faith: A Christian Perspective on Teaching Science
By Arthur Jones BSc, MEd, PhD, CBiol, MIBiol
‘Science in Faith’is written against the background of the growth in the UK of what are
known as the 'new independent Christian schools'. Sponsored by local churches,
communities, or parent groups, these schools have been founded in response to the
perceived dominance of secularism in the state system. Their founders wished their
children to receive an education in accordance with their Christian religious and
philosophical convictions. This book is the first publication from within this movement to
provide a wide ranging defence of Christian approaches to education.
For the outworking of its theses, the book focuses on science teaching. This is in response
to the widespread perception that science is the paragon of religious neutrality and
therefore provides a key justification for the common secular school. The book seeks to
demonstrate, through many examples, that the scientific enterprise is always located within
specific worldviews and therefore that science teaching cannot avoid promoting 'religious'
commitments. 'Practical atheism' is built into the institutions and habits of thought of the
modern world. Since this is usually unrecognised – and therefore almost always
undeclared – indoctrination in science teaching is not impossible, or even just a remote
possibility, but an ever-present reality which we dare not ignore.
Foreword by Professor Elmer Thiessen (Canada)
1 Science in Faith: An Outline of a Christian Approach to the Sciences
Introduction: The myth of neutrality
General Principles
Overview of the Sciences
Special relationships (causality, wholes & parts)
Conclusion: Science in faith
2 Evolution or Creation?: A Path through the Jungle
Does it Matter?
Secular Science or Secular Religion?
How Can Theories of Origins be Tested?
Testing Evolution: The Case of Homology
An Overview of Some Other Key Topics – Genetics, Time and Fossils
3 The Stories of Science
Charles Drew: Blood Bank Pioneer
Fritz Haber and Nitrogen Fixation
4 The Data of Science
Atmosphere and Ocean
Designing Cells
5 Science: An Annotated Reading List
Worldviews and worldview analysis
Religious roots of modern science
History of science
Philosophy of science
Secular critiques of science
Listening in on the debates
The Galileo affair
The Darwinian revolution
(A4 size, viii + 142 pp)
ISBN: 0-9535502-0-6
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