Some Questions to Assess Your Spirituality

Some Questions to Assess Your Spirituality
1.) Do you believe it is appropriate to display an American flag in church?
2.) Do you think it is too easy or too hard to be a Christian today?
3.) Do you believe the “golden age” of the church was in the past, or is it yet to come?
4.) A good Christian and a good person: are they basically the same?
5.) Do you believe the human race is evolving to a higher state of moral and spiritual
perfection? Or are we basically the same in every generation?
6.) If Christians are not suffering or at least inconvenienced in some way as a result of
living their faith, does this indicate that they are not living their faith authentically?
7.) Does each religion equally contribute their own perspective to our understanding of
God, or do some religions have a more accurate grasp of the truth of God than others?
8.) Is military service irreconcilable with authentic Christian witness?
9.) Are human beings basically good or basically corrupt?
10.) Are some kinds of prayer better than others? Does a person who speaks directly to
God as a friend have a deeper relationship with God than one who repeats memorized
prayers over and over?
11.) Do you believe that God “permits” bad things to happen to us, such as illness or
losing a loved one, or does He send us the bad as well as the good?
12.) Are science and faith: a) complimentary? b) unrelated? c) opposed?
13.) Could a “true” Catholic ever vote for a pro-choice politician? For a pro-war