forrest reid`s will (in proni)

Will was made on 18 July 1943.
He died 4 January 1947 at 15 Seaview, Warrenpoint.
Lived at 13 Ormiston Gardens, Belfast
Will probated Belfast 25 April 1947
[See also T/2121 Knox Cunningham deposit (MIC 45/1-2)]
Three different net amounts recorded (two later ‘”corrections” one in 1950):
In today’s money (2006), the top figure ranges from £150,000 to £450,000 depending
on which historic value you put on earlier sterling amounts. No mention of a house or
the value of any asset, simply a grand total, gross and net. If c. £450,000 I think a
house was likely involved. Around £200 of assets in England.
Executor: William Stephen Gilbert, company director, of 25 Wandsworth Road,
W.B. Baker - the limited edition of Apostate
E.M. Forster - “My silver Owen Ramsay bowl”
Knox Cunningham – “My own silver Owen Ramsay spoon and the series of famous
J. Stanley Prosser, Haddington Gardens [artist; I have a watercolour of his of boys on
a beach!] – gramophone and records
Robin Perry – typewriter
J.N. Hart (Potters Bar) – “my Punch’s pocket book”
J. Arthur Greeves – Oxford English dictionary
R.J. Wright – “My picture of the Blue Boy”
George Buchanan – Watt’s Ganymede
Doreen Sheridan, Bangor – Giorgione’s Fete Champetre
Stephen Gilbert is then left the remainder of the estate.