Application for Admission to the Sociology Honors Program

Application for Admission to the Sociology Honors Program
Name ___________________________________
SID# N__________________________________
Address __________________________________
Phone ____________________________________
Email _____________________________________
Expected Date of Graduation ___________ Overall GPA ______ Major GPA ______
Students in the honors program are required to maintain an overall and major GPA of
3.65 or higher. Completion of Research Methods, Theory and Statistics is preferred.
The Sociology Honors Program requires the completion of an honors thesis involving
independent research in an area of particular interest to the student. All students must
enroll in the two-semester honors research seminar during their senior year.
Sociology Courses Completed to Date
Please attach to this form a page describing areas of research in sociology of interest
to you. Be as specific as possible.
Admissions should be submitted to Professor Ruth Horowitz. They are due by April 1 for
students intending to begin the program in the fall.
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