Sample Letter to Prescribers

Dear Dr.
Please allow me to introduce myself. I am_____________, a pharmacist
practicing at _______________________.
I am providing a new Medication Therapy Management service that has recently
been recognized and reimbursed by Medicare Part D, and some state Medicaid
programs. I will be providing this service to all other patients for a fee. The
purpose of this letter is to inform you of the availability of this service and to
invite you to refer your patients to me if you feel I can be helpful to you and your
The intention of this service is to supplement and facilitate what you already do
with the patient. It is my goal to be of service to both you and the patient with
specific regard to drug therapy issues. As a pharmacist, I have completed specific
training for the delivery of this service and I am enrolled as a provider for the
following plans: __________________________.
My service involves an assessment of all of the patient’s medications
(prescription, non prescription, vitamin supplements, herbal remedies, and
nutritional products) to determine if any drug therapy problems exist or if there are
problems that can be prevented. I am able to answer questions the patient might
have and address any concerns the patient has about his/her medications. I will
work with you and the patient to develop an individualized plan to meet the
patient’s goals of therapy and to solve any drug therapy problems that are present.
I will always follow-up with the patient to ensure that specific goals of therapy are
met. After each visit I can send you a report of the results of the visit and
communicate with you whenever it is necessary.
I am anxious to help you achieve the best results possible from each patient’s
medications. Together I believe we can make a significant difference in the lives
of our patients. If you have questions, if you wish to refer patients to me, or wish
to discuss this service further, please contact me at the patient appointment
number of ____________________.
Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to working with you.
**Make sure your letter is printed on your company letterhead.**