Canterbury Tales Webquest

Canterbury Tales Webquest
Directions: You are going to research background information about Geoffrey Chaucer
and The Canterbury Tales. Please visit the websites below and answer the
corresponding questions.
Geoffrey Chaucer
1. What kind of writer was he?
2. What were the years of his birth and death?
3. Where was he from?
4. What does The Canterbury Tales depict?
1.What is a pilgrimage?
2.Define prologue.
1.Where is Canterbury?
2.What famous event happened there?
3.What are the goals of the many people who travel there on pilgrimages?
The Canterbury Tales
1.When was The Canterbury Tales written? In what language was it written?
2.What is it about?
3.What happens in “The Prologue”?
“The Three Estates”
1.What is an “estate”?
1st =
2nd =
2.How were women categorized?
The Black Death
1.What was the Black Death?