Canterbury ElderCollege

Course Proposal Form
(We would be delighted to work with you in developing your proposed course)
Course Title:__________________________________________________________________
Title should be catchy/explanatory and maybe with a bit of zing!
Instructor’s Name:____________________________________________________________
Course Description: Briefly explain what the course will cover (between 75 and 125 words)
Length of Course (in hours): _______
All courses should be at least 2 hours or longer. You can choose to offer your course all in one
day or divide it up in several sessions over several days. (Courses less than 2 hours need approval
by a Curriculum Committee Chair)
# of Sessions (optional): If you are doing more than 1 session each individual session should
be at least 2 hours. (Sessions less than 2 hours need approval by a Curriculum Committee Chair)
Please describe the individual sessions in 1 or 2 sentences.
Session 1:
Session 2
Session 3:
Session 4:
Session 5:
Session 6:
Class Size: Minimum ______ Maximum ______
Minimum: Three (3) is the preferred ElderCollege minimum. Requests for a higher minimum #
of people attending will need to be approved by a Curriculum Committee Chair.
Maximum: Determined by 1 or more of the following:
A. The type of course. Some hands on courses (eg. cooking) may need to be small
B. Maximum number the instructor is comfortable teaching
C. Maximum size of room being used
Instructor(s) Bio Notes: (40-60 words)
Instructor Availability: Please check ALL days, times and locations that work. You will be
contacted to finalize the details.
Days of the Week: Mon. ___ Tues. ___ Wed. ___ Thurs. ___ Fri. ___
Weekend days can be offered under some circumstances: Sat. ___ Sun. ___
Time of Day:
Morning ___ Afternoon ___
Location: Amherstburg ___ Chatham ___ Essex ___ Kingsville ___ Lakeshore ___
LaSalle ___ Leamington ___ Tecumseh ___ Windsor ___ Other: _______________
Material Fees*: If your course requires participants to use materials that will cost money to
purchase (costs that are above and beyond the Course Fee) such as: books, additional copying,
food/drink that are a part of the instructing, entry fees (museums, event tickets, etc.). Please tell us
about the type of items you will be purchasing and the cost per person. This way we can
reimburse you for the expenses with receipts of purchase.
$_______/per person - Type of Items: ____________________________________
*TRIPS: If a bus is required for your course please contact the Administrative Office to
make the arrangements. (519) 253-3000 X 4901 or [email protected]
Instructor Contact Information:
Phone #: __________________________ Email: ____________________________________
Course Manager: All courses are assigned a Course Manager to help with the basics of
facilitating the course, such as: introductions, Sign In Lists, refreshments and Participation
Feedback Forms. Please choose from the following options:
I will be my own Course Manager _______
Please assign a Course Manager _______
I would like _________________________to be my Course Manager.
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