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E-Mail Interview Form for Goldendoodle Puppy Purchase
Please complete and E-Mail to: llrogers2152@sbcglobal.net
Today’s Date
Purchaser’s Name
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WHICH SIZE GOLDENDOODLE ARE YOU INTERESTED IN, (OR CAVACHON?) ______________________________________
Questions for Prospective Buyers
In order to meet your expectations and ensure happiness of the puppy and your family, we’d appreciate your answers to the questions
below. If you have questions, please add them to the end of this form on an additional sheet. Once this form is accepted, you may
send us a completed Buyer’s Agreement and non-refundable security deposit.
How much indoor and outdoor space do you have for a dog to play?
Do you have small children in your family and if so, do you realistically believe you can care for the puppy’s housetraining,
obedience training and attention/care needs while also caring for your children?
Are you prepared to care for the growing puppy in terms of veterinarian appointments to check for parasites, treat parasites if
present, give immunizations, and spay/neuter your pet?
Will your lifestyle allow you to give the puppy/dog ongoing attention, exercise that it needs?
Are there allergy sufferers in your home? If so, describe level and type of allergies. Families with asthma and allergy sufferers
will be given the puppies with curliest coats.
Are you familiar with puppies and what it takes to house-train and obedience train a puppy/dog?
Does everyone in the household enthusiastically desire a puppy AND do they specifically agree on having a Goldendoodle
How many puppies/dogs have you had in your life and what is your experience with raising puppies and caring for dogs
through all their needs as they grow and age?
If you later discover that introducing a puppy into your home was a mistake (for any reason) will you agree to contact us before
taking any other action to sell or place the dog in another home?
10) Our Buyer’s Agreement requires new families to spay or neuter their puppy and to agree that the puppy is sold as a pet only.
If you purchase a puppy will you promise to forward proof of spay/neuter to us?
11) Our puppies are sold with a two-year health guarantee against genetic defects, with certain conditions.
Would you agree to feed your puppy Nutro Products for Large Breed Puppies and Dogs, or comparable product?
Will you promise to keep your puppy from becoming overweight, and prevent your puppy from strenuous exercise
that puts too much impact and stress on the puppy’s developing joints and bones?
Our health guarantee includes feeding your puppy daily supplements of Vitamin C, since it has been shown in studies
to be remarkable in both preventing and alleviating joint problems. We provide a free, six-month supply with the
purchase of your puppy. Will you agree to continue daily Vitamin C supplements until your puppy is at least two
years of age?
12) The Goldendoodle is a hybrid dog and as such, the puppies are not “breed standard” with regard to specific size, coat type,
weights, etc. Do you understand and are you willing to accept a puppy that may grow to the weights within these ranges:
Standard/Large 50-65 lbs.; Standard/Medium 40-50 lbs.; Medium/Miniature Cross-back 40-55 lbs.; or Cavachons 15-20 lbs.
Prospective Purchaser’s Signatures