Geography 1 - El Camino College

Geography 1
Assignment #1
Geographic Grid, Earth-Sun Relationships
Name _______________________
Due Date ____________________
Label each of the following locations on the map with a point and letter (A, B, C):
Note: The longitudes and latitudes on the map are in intervals of 15 (0 o, 15o, 30o, 45o, 60o,…)
A) 33oN, 80oW
B) 35oN, 129oE
C) 68oS, 53oE
Find the following COASTAL locations on the map and write their latitude and longitude below:
2a) ________________________ 2b) ________________________ 2c)_________________________
How far apart from each other are parallels of latitude? ______ miles/degree.
What is the latitude of the southern tip of Africa? ____________
Based on your answers to the last 2 questions, how many miles is it from the Equator to Africa’s
southern tip?
How many miles is it from the South Pole to Africa’s southern tip? _____________
How many degrees does the Earth rotate in 1 day? ___________ In 1 hour? ___________
If a city is 45o east of your location, they will have sunrise _______ hours (before/after) _____ you.
Label the following location on the map above with a point and #6. Its latitude is 15oN and when it is
1 pm in London, it is 7 am in this particular city.
Imagine a plane load of travelers flying across the Pacific from California to Japan. A minute before
crossing the International Date Line, it is 11:59 pm, August 26 for those on the plane. Two minutes
later, what is the time and date for those travelers?
Time ____________ Date _____________
Which lines on the diagram below represent the following?
Tropic of Capricorn _______
Polar axis _______
Circle of Illumination
Arctic Circle
Tropic of Cancer _______
Equator _______
The following diagram shows the position of the earth at various times of the year during its revolution
around the sun.
9. Which earth position on the diagram represents:
a. Summer Solstice _________
b. Vernal Equinox __________
c. March 21 ________
10. The length of daylight in the Northern Hemisphere at Position 2 is (longer than, shorter than, equal to)
that at Position 4 (circle the answer).
11. Barrow, Alaska at 71oN latitude receives how many hours of daylight at Position 1? __________
12. Look at Position 3 on the diagram. The circle of illumination extends as far north as what latitude? __
What is the name of that parallel of latitude? ________________________