Basketball Team Resolution

April 25, 2005
Request for Action from the UNR Faculty Senate
John M. Lilley, President
Leah Wilds
The 2004-2005 Faculty Senate requests your action on the following resolution that was approved
unanimously at its April 21, 2005 meeting:
UNR Men’s Basketball Team 2004-05
“Whereas the Wolfpack men’s basketball team finished the regular season in first place;
“Whereas the members of the Wolfpack men’s basketball team personally conducted
themselves off the court in an exemplary fashion;
“Whereas the Wolfpack men’s basketball team finished the regular season with an undefeated
road-game schedule;
“Whereas winning basketball games is important, character-building and education remain
paramount in the basketball program as well as all sports programs at the University;
“Be it resolved that the Faculty Senate, hereby and forthwith recognizes the exemplary work of
Coach Mark Fox and the men’s basketball team members in becoming not only a winning team
but one that also successfully manages the balance between sports and academics.”
As you are aware, the UNR men’s basketball team has received much positive reporting for their
performance in the National Basketball Championships. While Senators agree their performance on the
court is outstanding, more importantly Senators would like the administration to note how the
members of the basketball team performed off the court and in the classroom. We have much pride in
both the athleticism and character of these men. We the team members as well as their coaches and
advisors should be recognized for their efforts.
Request for Action
April 25, 2005
We request your support of this resolution by May 11, 2005. Should you wish to discuss this further
with the Executive Board, please contact Robin Gonzalez to schedule the time.
J.H. Frederick
M. Fox
C. Groth
Members of the 2004-05 Men’s Basketball Team
Recommended by: _____________________________________
John H. Frederick, Executive Vice President and Provost
Approved by: _________________________________________
John M. Lilley, President
Request for Action
April 25, 2005