Adopt A Letter

(Supplies: dictionary, newspapers, magazines, books, computer)
Date assigned:
Due date: ______________________
Every activity must be accurately and neatly done to the best of your ability. Use a ruler
whenever lines are needed. When you hand in your completed contract, it must include:
1. title page (title, date, your name, your teacher’s name)
2. a table of contents
3. each activity – in order and on separate pages (Each activity should be labeled with its
title at the top of the page.)
1. Choose a Letter – Choose a letter of the alphabet to adopt. Your contract will focus on
this letter. Your letter is ______.
2. Make a Cartoon Character – Make a cartoon character out of your letter for the cover of
your book. Your teacher has the paper for this.
3. Tongue Twister – Make a sloppy copy list of words that start with your letter. Use these
words to compose a tongue twister that uses your letter such as “Suzie sells sea shells by
the sea shore on Saturdays.” Illustrate your tongue twister and color it.
4. Collage – Compose a collage or design of your letter in different print styles. Glue them or
copy them onto your page. Look in magazines, newspapers, books, or use the computer.
5. Ending Letter – Use a dictionary to find and list 10 words that END in your letter. Read
the definition in the dictionary and write the definition in your own words.
6. Famous Person – Investigate a famous person (living or dead) whose first or last name
begins with your letter. Use the graphic organizer attached to your contract to find the
following information: birth and death dates, who the person is, why they are famous, and
interesting facts. This should be written in a paragraph with at least four complete
sentences. Draw a colored picture of your person.
7. New Words – Find 8 words that begin with your letter that you DO NOT KNOW. Read the
definition and write the meaning in your own words.
8. Animal – Research an animal with a name that begins with your letter (use the graphic
organizer attached to your contract). Include this information in a paragraph form: size,
eating habits, where they live, how long they live, and 2 interesting facts. Draw a colored
picture of your animal.
9. Cities – Chart 10 cities that begin with your letter. Record the city, country, and continents.
Your chart should look like this:
North America
I have read through this contract. I plan to use my time wisely and work accurately and neatly.
I will finish this contract on time.
Student signature
I have read the contract and am aware of what is expected of my child.
Parent signature
Adopt A Letter Contract.doc
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