Peak Challenge 2013 - Peak Challenge 2016

Peak Challenge 2013- Jeep Trails
If you are thinking of going on a Jeep Trail, let me tell you, you will not regret it! If you
have never driven a Jeep trail before, you will be amazed at what your vehicle can do. If
you are considering riding, you will see a lot of amazing scenery because you can cover a
lot more ground than on foot. Whether you want to play it safe, or tackle the toughest
trails possible, we can help you find a trail that fits what you are looking for.
In the past, the guys that have gone on jeep trails are driving their stock high-capability
4x4 vehicles (Wranglers, 4-Runners) on trails that test the limits of what a stock vehicle
can do. We have always had a meeting prior to Peak Challenge to select trails we are all
comfortable with. Once we know who the drivers are, we can set up a meeting and work
out a trail schedule that everybody is happy with. Here are some things to consider:
 Your vehicle must have a low-range transfer case and working seat belts. Jeeps,
4-Runners, Blazers, Broncos, pickups, etc. will do just fine. Just keep the CRVs
and RAV-4’s at home.
 We will post a list of things to bring and things to check on your vehicle before
you leave.
 Costs are just food and fuel. It’s amazing how little fuel you use though. Last
year, I drove my Jeep for 12 hours and only used ½ a tank.
Most of the time, we have made it back without damage to our vehicles. The only
breakage we have seen is a broken shock, and a bent exhaust pipe; nothing we
couldn’t drive home. But like I said, we have always tried the toughest trails
possible for stock vehicles. So you might want to budget a little for repairs or else
opt for some easier trails.
 In the past, very few people have “signed up” to ride along with somebody else,
but there has rarely been an empty seat. If you want to ride along and you let us
know in advance, it should be no problem. But if you wait until we get to
Colorado, the seats might all be taken.
 Bring your own gear. This includes food, drinks, sunscreen, and rain gear.
 You might have to walk through streams, and mud, carry rocks or logs, so dress
 Sometimes we run into delays, so if you need to be back at a certain time, you
may not want to go.
 Other than that, just enjoy the view!
I couldn’t find any Jeep rentals right in Leadville, but here is one in the in the Buena
Vista area for $150 to $250/day, which is about 40 minutes south of the 2013 camp
However, this has never worked out in the past. The time spent driving to the rental
company, checking out the vehicle, and returning the vehicle at the end of the day
eats up a lot of time. If there are a few who want to rent, we can meet and discuss
some trail options, but they will probably end up going as a separate group.
Here are some videos and excellent trail descriptions of the trails we ran last year:
Day 1:
Taylor Pass
Italian Creek
Pearl Pass
Day 2:
Halfmoon Creek
Contact Brian Wanamaker - [email protected] and Ryan
Hahn – [email protected] for more information