What`s it all about? - an introductory tutorial (MS power point)

Half way round we usually stop so everyone
can catch up and we have our photo taken.
The next slide shows a typical track for a
hound that has recorded his track using GPS.
The above photo was taken near Slinden
Woods one of hundreds of venues we have
visited over the years - see the following slide
for a Google map of them.
If you look closely at this GPS track you can
see where this runner has gone up some
false trails.
This course was about 6km from check to
check however if you run up the false trails
one can run typically
run much
We are very lucky living in such a wonderful area for
These locations on a Google Earth show where we
have laid Hash trails.
We are indebted to those who started the Chichester
Hash back in 1988: Phil Spooner & Sue Spooner,
Roger & Miriam Freeman, Robin Low and othes.
To find out more and when and where the next run is visit: