James Ellison and Tim sellers did attend

University Council
January 23, 2009
AC 252
Albrecht, Catherine (Chair)
Kamen, Seth (Vice-Chair)
Gilligan, Michele (Parliamentarian)
Smith, Tamara (Secretary)
Chapin, John
Closius, Philip
Dugan, Joanne
Ellison, James
King, Miriam
Nappari, Lynn
Petrides, Claire
Sellers, Mortimer
Sigler, John
Swaim, Richard
Vaeth, Carol
Zacur, Susan
Kohl, Deborah
Pitta, Dennis
Schnirel, Bill
Report of the President
 We are in a better budget cutting year than we were in 2001 & 2003.
 At this point there will be no discharging of any employees.
 Most likely the budget we have is what we will be working with next fiscal year
 There will be no for salary increases or COLA
 Hot issue—ability to continue tuition freeze
 Legislative Day has been cancelled for faculty/staff. There will still be student
legislative day.
 Graduate tuition will increase.
 We are on track with our enrollment goals.
 Performance for first and second year students is above expectations
 Parking lot-Fitzgerald space will be making an announcement soon about the
retail space.
 Law building—capital budget continues funding for law school. $5.4 million for
development and design.
Hiring across the campus looks very strong. Law school recently hired 4 new
faculty members.
President’s round table is scheduled for Feb 10th with MSB faculty
Provost Search
 There will be off site interviews on Saturday (1/24) and Sunday(1/25)
 Interviewing approximately 10/11 candidates.
Report of the Provost—Interim Provost Susan Zacur
 Jim Dutt is in the process of preparing a calendar of workshops/events. Events
will be held at least once a week during the spring semester. The calendar should
be posted in daily digest next week.
 The two day workshop on course design held on January 15th was well received.
About 23 people attended.
 The University has been listed in US President’s honor roll for the second year in
a row. Among 8 universities in MD to receive this honor,
 Karen in network, planning for visit by sloan reps.
 Luncheon on 1/22 was a huge success.
 Questions?—Tamara Smith --Is there any update on the textbook bill?
 President’s answer—The policy is going to regents meeting. Trying to create
policy that is fair to everyone
 Susan Zacur —we were asked to develop an idea of what it would cost the
university if the bill were to pass.
Report of the Chair
Furlough policy—exec committee & budget committee met after the dec 5th
meeting. All of the issues were addressed. Good example of consultation.
Tim Sellers---How were furloughs handled for 9mo vs. spread out payment
contracts for faculty
Harry Schuckel—All furloughs were based on salary.
Passed parking resolutions—Barbara Aughenbach is working to develop
communications plan & working with payroll to develop pre-tax commuter plan.
Seth Kamen—UB had the smoothest communication out of the USM schools.
Michele Gilligan—Is it true that the furloughs can be taken in 1/2 day blocks?
Harry Schuckel—That is correct.
Approval of Minutes—Catherine Albrecht
Minutes were approved with the following corrections:
o Tamara Smith listed as absent & present.
o Barbara Aughenbach’s name to be corrected
Old Business
1) Budget Committee report—Claire Petrides
 Furloughs—The budget committee was pleased that senior leadership did
contact members before releasing info.
 President—tuition has to be set with Harry Schuckel’s input and approved
by the President. This includes waivers. Waivers hit the budget in 2
different places.
 Committee was requested to do financial review and benefit of having
program out shady grove
2) Facilities Committee—Carol Vaeth
 Dec 12. Space masterplan. Asking to meet in april/may to update.
Potential topics—branding of campus, timing—re: lights, computers.
Safety issues. Blue light issue, access to buildings.
 Michele Gilligan—Can you tell us more about the space utilization master
 Carol Vaeth—Plans are data driven given fte and builing usage. The
committee was given the process not the plan.
3) Sustainability Task Force—Michele Gilligan
 Have not met since dec. The committee will meet next Tuesday (Jan
27th). Recycling campaign being kicked off. Climate change commitment
that the pres signed. Exec committee will work on this this spring. Nearly
completed carbon footprint. Looking at mass transit issue. Trying to
coordinate with facilities groups.
 President—We are in the process of redesigning most of our energy
system. Energy performance contract.
 Michele Gilligan—There was a communications snafoo. Hoping that
Chris Hart is comfortable with Faye Bell updating webpage.
 Bottle and can recycling is coming to campus.
Information Reports
Budget Update—Harry Schuckel
 UB’s base budget has been cut by over 2 million
 417K reduction by January
 Only 450K being sent into budget for next fiscal year.
 Restored 75% of what they cut this fiscal year.
Reducing AGIF by 200K.
Total reduction around 650K.
If projections hold, we should have a good financial year.
Furlough breakout—handout. President is taking a 6th furlough day.
Phil Closius—no-pay credits. Law school is in the process of changing.
So that if you take over 16 credits then you will be paying by credit hr.
Enrollement Update—Miriam
 5277 registered for spring sememster. Increase of 40 for fall, increase of
240 from 1 yr ago. Grad and undergrad ahead of last year, law school a
the same level.
 Concern about retention. Students concerned about financial aid. Behind
in terms of retention. Late registration fee has been waived. Small
number of new FSP students. Transfers are also ahead. Grad numbers are
reducing especially in MBA program.
 FSP applications are about 4% ahead of where they were last year.
Applications are being completed sooner. Average SAT is 1006.
 Carol Vaeth—looking at talking about scholarships
 Miriam King—last summer all scholarships awards were moved to
financial aid. Evaluation of scholarships has begun.
 John Chapin—1006 average SAT. how does that rank?
 Miriam King—last year in md—the average score was just over 1000
Technology Update—Judi Wood
 Michele Gilligan—What is enterprise scheduling?
 Judi Wood—Electronic scheduling software
 Goal of virtualization—similar to remote desktop
 James Ellison—Would students be authorized uses?
 Judi Wood—the idea is that the labs on campus
 Michele Gilligan—Doesn’t imaging mean that you don’t have to do any
manual entering
 Judi Wood—scans paper for you and stores it.
Meeting adourned at 3pm